Zita Light Release's New Video 'Nsankwi 2', 2nd Episode For Ongoing Series 'Lamentation Project' | Musique Gospel Camerounaise – iJesusAfrica iJesusAfrica.com

Zita Light Release’s New Video ‘Nsankwi 2’, 2nd Episode For Ongoing Series ‘Lamentation Project’ | Musique Gospel Camerounaise

Cameroonian Gospel Artist Zita Light Releases Nsankwi 2, a word in Nkwen that means WoodSplitter. This is the 2nd episode for her ongoing series ‘Lamentation Project‘  (Nsankwi 1-7), A series of 7 songs with the title Nsankwi to be released in 2020, rallying people from across the world in the most African style to channel their cry about the present chaotic/deplorable state of the world to the right ear(God) for intervention and resolution. Watch Below!

This is dedicated to the Victims of the recent Ngarbuh Ntumbor massacre and the uncountable numbers whose lives have been claimed in the ongoing Crisis in Nkwen Bamenda NorthWestRegion SouthWestRegion of Cameroon.

Done in the Nkwen dialect from where Zita Light hails, #Nsankwi2, paints a world destroyed and going down the drain by day due to fallen moral standards and a stray from Divine values. Crying for Jesus Christ our most reliable WoodSplitter (Nsankwi) to have mercy on us, carry our cry to God for immediate divine intervention. Keep Scrolling Down To Watch Please!

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  • Written/Sung by ZitaLight with inspiration from an existing lullaby in Nkwen Production- GodemmaMusic Video- GodemmaPictures
  • Video Concept- RabbiSmithCosmos
  • Choreography- LuxAmigerDanceAcademy
  • Props/Set- LanjoCoaching
  • Makeup- FavourStephens
  • TraditionalDesign- EmmanuallaAwa

Meaning Of Nsankwi

The entire song is talking about sending our own *Nsankwi* -Jesus Christ with one message to God Almighty. That the state of the world in which we are, is no more what He left us in.

Everything has become abominable, chaotic and so uncontrollably deplorable that man and human systems can never solve. So we lift our cry to Him cuz we know His word is final and He alone who formed the world, created us and put us there can know how best to solve the issues of the world that have gotten to beyond human control.

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