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iJesusAfrica.com: Writers, Bloggers, Reporters Needed!!!

IJesusAfrica is currently in need of writers, Bloggers, and Reporters.  As a news and entertainment platform and a trusted content source for Christian content, it’s our responsibility to provide our readers with engaging and resourceful content. We need content creators who will love to volunteer to write with us

The Topics We Cover:

  1. People & Health – News & Articles
  2. Industry & Culture (Gospel) – News & Articles
  3. Discoveries – News & Articles
  4. Church & Spirituality – News & Articles
  5. Business & Tech – News & Articles

Basically, anything Sports, Relationships, Family, Current happenings, Entertainment, Health, Food, Tutorials, Tech, Education, Business, Music Marketing, And Tips, etc. Let your content be clean, moral and with Christian values, regardless of the category or genre.

How often do I write?

As much as you can. 

Do I get credits for my articles?

Yes!!! 100% credits. 

What’s the pay?

We cant afford to pay you as a volunteer/contributor for now, given that we serve as a Not for profit. But we have some cash loyalty rewards we give out when your articles perform well… 

How do I get Started?

We are glad you read till this point! Click Here To Read Our Submission Guide!

[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]If you are based in Buea, you could get a fulltime job as a content creator for iJesusAfrica. Meet us @ Little Drops Mile 17, Moghamo Building – Last floor or call 682021477[/quotes]

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    Noella Kimbi
    Noella Kimbi
    October 12, 2019 8:29 pm

    I think this is a great opportunity. I’m inspired to take my writting more seriously now that you have provided a platform for me to share what I have with the world.
    I’m grateful.


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