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Worship Rain With Ruth Asong: What should We Look Out For?

You are reading: Worship Rain with Ruth Asong: What should we look out for?

After releasing two singles, “Blow my Mind” and “Jireh”, prolific gospel minister Ruth Asong and the team are organizing a powerful worship rain concert at the Apostolic Church, Molyko Auditorium.

The outstanding event will bring on board other gospel ministers to grace the day, like Minister Bisong Nevers and Obi David on Saturday, 10th July 2021.
Below are some in-depth revelations made by the Worship Rain team in an interview session;

Ruth Asong
Ruth Asong

IJA: What is worship Rain?

Mr. Gedeone: “It is important for us to understand that the worship rain is coming for the edition here in Buea, worship rain is a moment where Christians and all other persons invited come to express their gratitude, mind and also behold the beauty of God in their own ways, perhaps by lying down and worshipping God.

During this period of worship, God is going to wash a lot of people’s life, irrespective of the infirmity, your career, and education, it’s a good moment where people are going to express God in a different dimension” said Mr. Gedeone
He further explained how special this first edition is.

Mr. Gedeone: What is important is that during this first edition, we are going to meet Ruth Asong, someone who directly communicates to God through her skills, through talent, and her voice.

So that’s the first expectation from the ministers during the worship rain event. Secondly, the nature of our guests, we will have people from different backgrounds, who are going to express themselves by worshipping the creator of the universe”.

IJA: What should we expect?

Ruth Asong: “Certainly we have great men of God. Yes, I call them men of God because anyone who comes in the name of Jesus is a man of God.

Yes, we can see on the flyer we have Minister Bisong Nevers, a minister I love and admire so much, he is spirit loaded and he’s someone who loves the Lord.


He is a worshiper, I must confess he is a true worshiper, and he will be coming all the way from Yaoundé to join us worship, and for us to join him worship

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She continued with the type of personalities we should expect at the event.
Ruth Asong: “And we also have Minister Obi David, he is a praise machine. I must tell you and worship cannot go without praise.

When we praise God, His Spirit comes to worship. So, Minister David will be here to help us dance. Do you know the David kind of dance in the bible? That’s the kind Minister David will thrill us in. You can imagine what will happen when you dance totally in worship to God and anyone who mocks you gets cursed.

Remember what happened to David’s wife? When he laughed at David for dancing the way he did.
He will do the same thing that happened. And we are not dancing for any man; we are dancing for our breakthrough.

You are dancing for Jesus and you’re dancing for what he has done for you

Obi David

IJA: So which extra energy do these ministers bring to worship rain?

Ruth Asong: I always say that by strength shall no one prevail. Do you understand? I believe the people of God, I believe they are lovers of God.

Because when you love God, the energy comes. Remember Scripture says is not by might, is not by power is by my spirit. So is the Spirit of God that they carry that comes with them is the Spirit of God that they carry that attracts men”.

Scripture says that if you lift me up, I will draw all men to myself. So there are men who lift the name of God up, there are men who exalt God. And from that, I believe God will draw all men to himself through them” Ruth Asong added.

IJA: How sure are you to get online followers on this program?

Balemba Elmine: it’s a Saturday, which makes it very, very much available. Okay, because Saturday is a weekend where people get to relax. Yes. So what could be best than to relax in the presence of God?

So it’s an opportunity we are giving people to enjoy the presence of God and so Saturday makes it perfect.
People can travel into the weekend, those out of town can travel on Friday, as we’ve been getting the information that they will come over, sleep in Buea, and then Saturday, they’re already in town.

So if those who are in town make sure you are here early to get your seats.
With the registrations going online and I can tell you, the wave is very heavy. The clouds are gathered and it will rain on that day.


IJA: How can one Register for this event?

Balemba Elmine: “Everything you need to register for this concert is on our site at www.worshiprain.ruthasong.com when you get to the site,

  • the first step, click on Add cart.
  • After adding to the cart, follow through with the process till you reserve a seat.
  • make sure to check out Remember, you’re not checking out of the system, but you’re checking out to do the payments. And from there, just follow the steps, and make sure your seat is secured and be there on time”

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IJA: What should participants come expecting?

Ruth Asong: “What they should expect is to see God, not Ruth Asong. So remember, don’t come here for me. Don’t come here for Bisong Nerves, don’t come here for David. Remember, the Bible says we should look up to the hills, where our help come from our help comes from the Lord.

So when you’re coming here, don’t come here to say let me come and see what she will do. Let me come and see what he will do. No, it is the Lord’s doing and it will be marvelous in our sight.

You were reading: Worship Rain with Ruth Asong: What should we look out for?

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