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“Why Are You Sitting On Your Gift”? Little Brother Dies After Asking “Bessem Arrey” – “I’ll Praise and Worship You” Album Out Now!!!

“I have been writing songs since my childhood, but usually sang my songs acapella in church. In 2014, my little brother and I started talking about my writing. He would tease me by saying: ‘Sis, why are you sitting on your gift. When it’s your time to go, you will take your talents with you'”. Cameroonian Gospel singer Bessem Arrey ( Bessem-Arrey Evelyn Tanyi ) share’s her story prior to debuting her music career.

Coming from Kumba – Cameroon, Bessem Arrey currently resides in Brugge Belgium; where she has lived since 1997.

Bessem Arrey has been singing since her childhood in church and school choir. She started an “All ladies” acapella group called “Dynamic Gospel Singers” when she moved to Belgium. They sang in churches, weddings, funerals, and other events. Unfortunately, DGS came to an end a few years ago because of family commitments. But Bessem Arrey continued singing in church and giving gospel workshops. Continue Reading Below!

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After the untimely death of her little brother in December 2015, and the passing of her grandmother in February 2016, the artist decided to take a step of Faith to go to the recording studio, and not to sit on her gift anymore. Bessem Arrey recalls asking the Holy Spirit to guide her on how to go about it. During this period, a close sister in her church was fighting about 9 different kinds of cancer.

“In this trying time, the Holy Spirit gave me Words from Psalms 23. Every day I would recite these words and these words turned into the song, my album title I’ll Praise and Worship You“. When I wrote “I’ll Praise and Worship You” I called my producer and started putting some of my songs together, but fear overwhelmed me. “Your Voice is nőt good enough!”, was constantly coming loud and clear in my mind; then I started praying for confirmation from God. said Bessem Arrey. Continue Reading Below!

Bessem Arrey recalls coming across 1 Timothy 6: 20 at a ladies-bible-study in her church GIBC Brugge Belgium. The artist learned ‘we have to return the Gospel intact as it was given to us. But for God’s gifts/talents, we have to return them overflowing. Talent is God Entrusting us with His property and we have to share, teach and give to others so it can go from generation to generation’. She also came across 2 Timothy 1:6-7: “For this reason, I remind you to Fan into flame the gift of God … For God did not give us the Spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”  According to Bessem Arrey, this was enough confirmation that it was time to develop and reveal her gift to the glory of Father God. Through Praying and studying, the Holy Spirit guided her to the recording studio.

Today, Bessem Arrey uses her gift to bless and inspire a lot of people worldwide. Her debut studio project titled I’ll Praise and Worship You uses a variety of different African vibes like Afropop, Bikutsi, Makossa, Zouk, etc, and is now available and can be streamed and downloaded Here!

Got some words for Bessem Arrey? Reach her: email: [email protected] | Facebook: Bessem Tanyi

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