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What Is Your Talent, Business, or Project? Exhibit In THE LIGHT CONVENTION (TLC) 2021!

You Are Reading: What Is Your Talent, Business, or Project? Exhibit In THE LIGHT CONVENTION (TLC) 2021!

Welcome to another edition of THE LIGHT CONVENTION (formerly called The Light Conference, TLC). This
is a convention birthed by the visionary, Mr. Lefor Divine who is the Founder and President of Wisdom Foundation

It is a non-denominational platform for youth empowerment and exhibition of their God-given talents and endowments. It is written, “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand,
and it gives light to everyone in the house.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matt 5:15-16) Since 2013, we have had this annual event that has brought a revolution in our communities, our nation, and the world at large.

This is the 9the edition of this mega international gathering, and it shall be taking place at Chariot Hotel Complex, Buea, Cameroon, running from the 3rd of November to the 6th of November. TLC is reputed to be the biggest talent exhibition in the nation.

Taking into consideration that TLC is a “trade-fair”, in this edition, we shall be taking submissions into some categories for showcasing. It is a celebrity convention with the aim to promote in an ever-increasing manner, all the treasures of our land, as a nation, and as individuals.

When gifts are fanned, and individual greatness revealed, we intend to see annual progress globally in the impact of the Cameroon youth all over the globe irrespective of their background and race.

In this light, we will focus on some categories this season. Take note this is not the entire scope of what we
intend to do, seeing that we hope in the nearest future to be given prestigious awards in all disciplines of life even

So we are very much excited to receive you as you register for any one of the following:


Requirements: Must have an album in circulation which is not more than 1 year old or at least a recorded track of
an original song that must not be more than 3months old. At least one of the songs you intend to sing in the event must be presented as a recorded mp3 or Wave track.

Must also attend the mandatory rehearsal session where you shall be required to sing the song live again. All submissions of any requirement must be on or before the deadline mentioned in this communiqué.

If you are selected, you will then be duly communicated the program, with regards to which day and time you will be presenting during the event. Please take note that this goes the same for all; be it solo, a group, or a choir. Every musical style is welcome, as long as it is the gospel!


Requirements: A movie trailer, teaser, or advert. It shouldn’t be more than 5mins long. There will be a projection
of the teaser during the event and a brief introduction of the crew as well as highlights of the movie.

Here there will be considerations of whether it is an upcoming movie or an already launched movie but the movie shouldn’t be more than 2 years old.

All the crew or at least part of the crew of at least 5 people and at most 15 people shall be present and showcased during the event. This crew may include main actors, director, DOP, editor and


Requirements: An elaborate drawing of the designs intended to be exhibited or the actual designs. Take note
that all designs must be auditioned during our Week for rehearsals on the models for final approval.

All designs should be original and African in style and culture. If selected, the designer is responsible for looking for models to showcase their designs during the event. A minimum number of 6 designs should be submitted. A maximum of 10 styles could be chosen for display in a single run during the event.


Requirements: Submit a slide show of 10 to 15 of your best designs on a cd or flash drive. There shall be a
projection of the designs and a slot to publicize your location.

You will also be given few minutes to briefly interpret them and point out to the audience the unique nature of each design and what makes it outstanding.


Artistic design is the oldest form of capturing the essence of beauty. TLC therefore
recognizes this.

Requirements: Submit at least 7 of your best paintings. There is going to be a display and interpretation of 5, if
you are selected.


Requirements: Submit a video record of a well-choreographed dance of not less than 5mins and not more than
10mins. Take note it could be solo or a group. If selected, you will be given more information on how to go about


The essence of this is to see how people can put up live shows, create an impression through poetry (word imagery of their Script), pass across a message and creative depictions as well.

This may also incorporate musical performances in the act. Live performances have an appeal that is unique and distinct. Such will be expected.

Requirements: Submit a video record of a short play of not more than 12 minutes. Even directors and associated musicians (if it is a musical play) will be recognized in this category after their performance. If selected, the team will be auditioned and there will be a dress rehearsal before final approval to participate in the program.


It is so easy to be vulgar and make people laugh. What about making people laugh with the fine and beautiful things of life and a hearty utterance of Kingdom life? That is the focus here: Non-vulgar comedians.

Requirements: A submission of proof of your works. If you have a recording of your past performances as a
comedian, it will be to your advantage. If selected, you will be given a spot to perform live in TLC.

Take note that you must be present during rehearsals and perform live before you can be finally approved. If out of the South West Region of Cameroon, you must send a simple recorded video of your jokes. It could be a monologue, routine, or act and you could use music and/or props to enhance your act.


Capturing a moment on camera and at the right angle can be so breathtaking. Many great photographers are emerging and we intend to encourage and showcase some too in this event.

Requirements: See requirements for “GRAPHIC DESIGN”.


This category shall be focused on artifacts. We seek to appreciate those creative handcrafts of traditional and cultural essence eg. Bags, beads, woodworks, pottery, etc. Turning apparently useless everyday items into useful new designs is the power of this category.

Requirements: See requirements for “PAINTING”.


There is a wave of rising innovators and entrepreneurs around the globe. This category is aimed at showcasing some young rising entrepreneurs with ideas worth investing in. This is an opportunity to pitch your idea and draw in investors.

Requirements: Must have an original business idea or concept. Submit your project or idea for screening. If selected, must attend the entrepreneurship workshops in the morning sessions of the event.

You will then be opportune to make a pitch in the evening sessions to the multitudes gathered online and on the ground.


This is an open category for anyone who believes they are special and what they can do cannot be easily classified in any of the above categories, or they believe it is something so unique worth revealing.

Any such gift or talent should be submitted duly in time and a panel will consider its relevance, significance, beauty, impact, etc and you will be notified if you have been selected for projection in this edition of TLC.

Special Notes For All:

All submissions into the different categories should be properly addressed and brought to the
Wisdom Foundation head office, located at Tarred Street, Muea Market, opposite St. Francis College.

If you are out of the South West Region, Cameroon, use the above email to contact us for more details in

All submissions must be deposited on or before the 10th of October 2021. Any late submission won’t be

After your submission is processed and approved, based on the criteria for each category, you will be
personally contacted and duly informed about your acceptance.

This acceptance is not a guarantee for you participating in the program until after the rehearsals/auditions. Therefore, ensure you give us good contact information through which you can be reached.

Registration is free for all participants. No money is required for submission into any category. However, when you are auditioned and accepted finally, you will be required to get a participation badge for

This is for identification and access throughout the conference. For group participation badges,
there shall be special considerations if selected as a group.

For more information with regards to TLC, partnership, or participation, please contact us through any of
the contacts means above and you will get a prompt reply. God bless you as you participate in this special event.

You Were Reading: What Is Your Talent, Business, or Project? Exhibit In THE LIGHT CONVENTION (TLC) 2021!

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