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We Are Hiring; Become A Community Contributor

Are you passionate about writing? or Do you long for a platform to express this passion? We bring you great news as you can do what you love and earn money alongside.

iJesusAfrica brings you an opportunity to work from home as a Community Contributor in your region. Read till end to get every information about this opportunity.

Who is a Community Contributor?

A CC is anyone who dedicates some time to write and contribute to iJesusAfrica.com on a daily. Unlike a guest author, CCs have a strict content creation calendar to follow on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

CCs equally participate in sharing and hyping activities; basically, you are expected to endorse iJA as a CC.

Community Contributors are those members on our network who work remotely by collecting information and creating quality content for iJesusAfrica.

Why become a Community Contributor?

  1. You are part of a community of young and passionate folks dedicated to telling African stories.
  2. Contribute from anywhere!
  3. Get tasks that help you develop and evaluate your writing and collaborating skills.
  4. Overall CC gets awarded a laptop (quarterly) & awarded a data bundle (monthly).
  5. Reach a wider audience and let them know what you think about certain topics and trends.
  6. You get 100% credits for all your stories; with an author’s account and profile.
  7. You get a starting monthly cash reward of 15.000 CFA, plus a 5000CFA data allowance at the beginning of every month; which will be increased progressively depending on the value you bring to the community. The mentioned figures are not salary but just loyalty rewards.
  8. Get unlimited commissions for paid publications
  9. Earn unlimited commissions for referring our digital services.
  10. Build an author’s portfolio.
  11. Meet prominent figures.
  12. Get a stack of personalized business cards, T-shirts, caps, etc.
  13. Add value to the lives of many
  14. Get 5% discount on all digital services you order.
  15. Take advantage of our physical workspace to handle your own personal jobs.

What are the requirements of a Community Contributor?

Being a community contributor does not require much. All you need as a community contributor is

  • A Laptop and  a smartphone to be able to create online contents from your region
  • Able to speak and understand French and/or English
  • Active social media accounts
  • In-depth knowledge on topics covered

Benefits of being a Community Contributor

  • Community contributor will be provided 5,000frs allowance at the beginning of the month and 20,000frs compensation at the end of the month.
  • Community Contributor can work from home at their convenience

Any promotions for a community contributor?

  • Yes, we hope to discover potential candidates to join our general editorial, publishing & Web content creation team – Salary applied.
  • Regional supervisors – Salary applied.

Community Contributor are needed from these regions

  • Centre Region
  • North West Region
  • West Region
  • South-West Region
  • Littoral Region

Terms & Conditions.

By  participating in this program, you hereby agree to the following:

  • Community contributors shall be expected to provide at least 2 press releases (song, event, book, etc.) a day
  • Community contributors shall be expected to provide at least 2 exclusive interviews a week
  • Community contributors shall be expected to provide at least  1 featured stories (discoveries done by investigating) a week
  • CC will be required to focus on their regions and provide content from that region. CC may provide content from another region if relevant.
  • CC will attend events in their areas on behalf of IJA and all expenses will be covered by the company. Such events must be approved by the CEO.
  • All CC must participate in our 1-2 online planning & evaluation meetings every week.
  • CC will be provided 5000frs allowance at the beginning of the month and 20000frs compensation at the end of the month.
  • Contract will be cancelled if CC is found not active.
  • CC is expected to bring in paid/sponsored articles or sell ad spaces and CC will get 30% from sponsors and advertising under them. – Not compulsory, but of greater advantage.
  • CC must be able to edit and publish their content themselves; after training.
  • CC will undergo a 2 weeks training before joining the program. The training will run from July 1st to July 15th.
  • CC must have an active twitter and Facebook presence with a profile that represents iJA. – We will help you through this stage.
  • CC must be active in sharing their contents (Compulsory). Loyalty rewards for most engaging content.
  • CC should speak and understand both French and English
  • CC is required to build, execute and supervise monthly strategic campaigns to promote iJA in their respective regions.

This is one opportunity you should not miss. Waste no more time, send your resume to submit at [email protected] or +237680215150

For more information you can call/ send a WhatsApp message to +237680215150 or follow us @iJesusAfrica. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about this opportunity. CLICK HERE to comment, please!

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