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Warrior’s Heart By Mac Alunge | Official Video + Lyrics


Official Lyrics

Can we ever heal?

The pain is so real,

This wound is so deep, it can’t be concealed

Our tongues cannot express what we feel

See the pain a mother’s eyes

Hear the agony in a Fathers cries

Feel the trauma a young child begets

The rain of blood from which we refuse to bathe

Gaze closely and feel

For these will tell the story, more eloquently than any words they say we all bear scares,

But if you drill a hole in my heart; will that still be called a scare?

How much more blood shall we spill?

How much more fear shall we instill?

How many more will go days without a meal?

Even though they possess so much skill?

If you could read my mind, you will be in tears

Life does not make sense anymore

Our purpose should be to help each other

But if you won’t help, at least don’t hurt

We are down in the valley of death

But still, we choose to move uphill

Hope we will do our best to rekindle

And joy, we will try to refill

Till once again our light and beauty will be revealed

Cause if we don’t at least try to heal from that which hurt us

We may end up bleeding on they that did not cut us

There is no need to kill, rather a deep need for goodwill

So for positive change, we will collectively stir the will

Not for Jack and Jill up the hill on real appeals, but

A real change from the heart that can heal and fulfill

Everyone has free will,

So why not use yours to pay someone’s bill

Or cater for those who have taken ill,

Or help someone learn a new skill

There are eyes up in the hills, God watches our every ordeal

And feels what we feel.

Let’s keep asking in humble appeal and living in accordance with (to) his will

Our joy he will help us fulfill heart longs for the day where we all realize

That regardless of who we are, where we are from

Or what we believe,

We are each unique ripples of the same ocean

Though so much has been taken from us,

We will choose to see that which makes us smile again

We will choose to love even those (them) that hurt us

Cause that’s the heart of a true warrior

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