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US Missionary, Gregory Dow, 61, Pleads Guilty To Sex Crimes In Kenya

Gregory Jones Dow, an American Christian missionary has pleaded guilty in a US court on Monday, June 15 to sexually abusing 4 young girls while running the Dow Family Children’s Orphanage  Home in Boita, Kenya which he started in 2018.

The orphanage was in operation from 2008 to 2017 when Mr Dow fled Kenya. After investigation from FBI and Kenyan authorities, he was charged in the US.

Mr./Mrs Dow and Kenyan orphans

He is accused of assaulting girls from 2013. Two of the girls were 11, one was 12 and another was 13, adds LNP.

“The defendant purported to be a Christian missionary who cared for these children and asked them to call him ‘Dad’. But instead of being a father figure, he preyed on their youth and vulnerability,” said the US Department of Justice in a statement.

Dow used force and coercion to perpetrate the most heinous of crimes, preying on vulnerable chhildrenfor his own sexual gratification,’’ the prosecutors stated in their court documents.

Acvording to BBC, Dow fled Kenya in September 2017 when the allegations of assault came to light. Mr Dow was charged in July 2019.

Gregory Dow hid behind his supposed faith on the other side of the world, hoping no-one in the US would know or care about the children he abused. He was wrong,” said US attorney William McSwain.

Prosecutors pointed out that in 1996, he pleaded guilty to assault with intent to commit sexual abuse, for which he received two years’ probation and was ordered to register as a sex offender for a decade.

Dow is scheduled to be sentenced on 29 September, reports the AP news agency.

According to BBC, the American Missionary will likely spend 16 Years in Jail for Molesting Kenyan Orphans.

Mary Rose (Dow’s wife) is said to have comply with her husband. She is alleged to have implanted the girls in the home with birth control devices so her husband could carry on with the abuse without fear of pregnancy.  She tried to flee Kenya in 2017 but was arrested by the police and charged with cruelty to chilldren.

She was released on bond in September 2017 according to police records. She later fled the country.

Dow Family Children’s Orphanage Home in Boita, Kenya was funded by churches in Lancaster county in the US state of Pennsylvania, reports local newspaper LNP.

This judgment comes amidst the rampant sexual abuse on girls especially in Africa. The recent is a case of a Nigerian girl, Vera Uwaila Uwa Omozuwa who was mercilessly raped in her local church and abandoned to the cold hands of death. This act is still fresh in the minds of many who hope that the perpertuator faces justice.

Unlike the Kenyan orphans, Uwa’s case is still amongst many other cases that the perpertuators have never been brought t book. Many have added their voices to ensure that justice takes it course.

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