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Triple Movie Premier With Grace At Work Movies In Cameroon

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Save the date June 19, 2021, 4 PM, at Former Alliance, Bongo Square Buea, South West Region, 3 PM is the Red Carpet. Hurray! It’s the 2nd anniversary of Grace at Work Movies and they are launching a triple premier. This is amazing.

It’s been a two years journey from 26th June 2019 to the present day. Below is an exclusive from an interview between iJesusAfrica and LensMan, the Lead servant of GRACE AT WORK MOVIES

Lense Man

IJA: When was Grace at Work Movies born?

LensMan: “The dream was born at 4 AM as early as that time on 26th June 2019. It has a vision to promote talent and bring to the lamplight the extremely passionate and talented ones.

As motto Promoting Talent and Alongside Discovering Talent, all hands are on deck to shine bright all potential talents”.

The Lead servant describes the team as selfless promoters striving to demonstrate to the world that there are genuine people who can actually serve irrespective of the amount of money being paid.

IJA: How long did it take to produce the three movies?

LensMan: “Shot in 2020, the 1 hour 25 minutes film Why Not God’s Heart is a Christian production which focuses on the Christian milieu. It is the first-ever production of Grace at Work Movies

According to the Lead servant, the movie highlights a young gospel artist whose love and desire for God are at the extreme. The movie centers on the biblical principles of

Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added on to you”.

Matthew 6:33

“The movie encourages talent and passion while never being discouraged,” says the Lead servant.

Concerning the second one, “a 22-minute movie, Taiwo Kehinde features a twin girl who loses her brother and is forced to live the life of a male child to satisfy her parents who desired a male child”.

The Lead servant recounts that her frustration and depression were enormous until she meets an angel one day who educates her about life principles while relying entirely on God. “It focuses on man depending on God to sort out all anxieties and calm our worried minds” as explained by the Lead servant.

“And the third movie titled All I wanted talks of how couples are to live to guarantee a happy family. Couples must be intentional about their marriage, updating each other as love is dependent on this. It is a 15 minutes movie”.

IJA: Why the movie titles?

LensMan: “Each movie has its deeper meaning. Why a lot of people seek God’s hand, the movie Why Not God’s Heart encourages us all to seek rather the heart of God.

Taiwo Kehinde teaches on depending exclusively on God while “All I wanted” expresses the virtues of a happy family.

IJA: Who are those who make up the cast and why did you select such a cast?

LensMan: “Each movie has a diverse cast selection like Prosper Menko, Prof. Hernandez and Mr. Mbeng Derick among others in Why Not God’s Heart”.

However, the cast selection is based strictly on the vision and mission of the production house explained the Lead servant. Nonetheless, it is based on a non-discriminatory manner.


IJA: What are some of the challenges encountered so far?

LensMan: “To be able to produce good results, teamwork is of the essence. One of the challenges met with was working together as a team. Another challenge was a financial sponsor.

These movies so far had no sponsor so it was really difficult to put the production together as money is needed for everything. A key challenge was bringing people who had no idea about the project.

It was difficult to put them through and convince them that something good was going to come out from the projects”. Indeed there is no project without challenges.

IJA: How were these challenges mitigated?

LensMan: “The Artistic Director disbursed his roles so well that he was able to motivate all the actors and actresses to come on stage, fighting all timidity.

Locations that were easily accessible and low budget yet professional were used to combat the financial crisis. Actors and actresses rehearsed their lines and practiced their scripts to meet up with their task”.

Every problem has a solution.

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Triple Trailer for the Movies

IJA: What should the public anticipate for?

LensMan: “The public should anticipate for a group of vibrant talent ready to serve them the best as well as receive mind-blowing messages from their products,” says the Lead servant.

It’s been a steady journey so be sure to earn an enjoyable evening filled with so much fun like gospel rap, poetry, runway models, and many more.

You Were Reading:Triple Movie Premier With Grace At Work Movies In Cameroon

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