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Trendy Berets Worn By Cameroonian Gospel Singers You Have to Add To Your Closet

Female gospel celebrities of Cameroon seem to be making a statement in everything they do, not leaving out their outfit. To add more elegance, style and glamour in their look, they are setting the pace when it comes to rocking berets. From Ablaze’s signed artist Maureen Forbah to Super, they all show you how to rock this with any outfit of your choice.

1.  Maureen Forbah

Presently on a media tour, she has ditched out her sense of fashion with her fashion line. She isn’t only a gospel artist; she designs too. Her fashion house called URSAKE Fashion Empire is the owner of this stylish beret.

Check out how she rocked it on the official poster of her “Miracle Everywhere”. She wore it one-sided over an Ankara skirt and pink blouse that matches its colour. The accessories on the cap added to it make it unique and elegant. You can rock it to any engagement. Decent and classic.


2. Super

Second, on our list is Super. The gospel artist sure knows how to rock this traditionally designed beret. From its embroidery, you will tell she loves the cultural design patterns from the North West Region.  She rocks it with casual wear for a walk down the beach with flip-flops but when on heels, the outfit looks elegant and can pass for a red carpet outfit. The slim pants and heels complement the beret.

3. Princess Erald

She is a gospel musician, writer, philanthropist, freelancer and TV host at Ablaze TV. From her profile, you obviously know she has to look her best at all times and she is aware of it. She is fun of wearing hair ties, turbans and fashionable caps designed by URSAKE. She wears this beret over high waist jeans and a stylish top. The colour selection is on point. She has been spotted rocking this beret in different outfits that inspired others. Since it is the same brand, it sure has some accessories to make it stand out and makes it go with any colour. Also, the tight headband in the beret does justice to her hairstyle. The top is flat, soft and loose making it versatile since you can wear it in various ways depending on how it flatters your face.

4. Faith C. Anthony

Finally, we have Faith C. Anthony. The beret she puts on compliments her skin colour and it is crowned with a smile. This brand is also from the URSAKE Fashion Empire.

Adding these berets to your closet will give you a chic look anytime. It is easy going especial when wearing cornrows and when you are lazy to wear a wig.

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