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Tips On How To Reduce Tension And Stress





Reducing tension is imperative for one’s health.

Many people deal with stress every day.

Work, family issues, health concerns, and financial obligations are parts of everyday life that commonly contribute to heightened stress levels.

Due to the emotional pressure to succeed, peer pressure (for youths), the toxic effects of environmental pollution, a chronic lack of proper rest etc., it’s almost impossible to avoid stress.

All of these factors are stressful for the body and can wreak havoc on multiple systems of the body.

Managing stress and tension in one’s life is especially important.

Below are some techniques to keep a positive outlook and reduce stress on your body and mind.

1. Embrace Yourself

One of the greatest sources of stress is the mind stirred up by low self-esteem.

When you learn to accept yourself and your unique qualities, you learn to understand and embrace both your strengths and limitations.

Don’t spend time or energy comparing or competing with others as this will create a never-ending cycle that leads to constant pressure and stress.

Your body responds to this stress with your neuroendocrine system: your brain receives signals to create neurotransmitters and hormones that have significant effects on how your body functions.

So, if you can avoid mental stress, you can set yourself up to be healthier. You are unique, believe it and see how it works like magic.


2. Acknowledge Your Self-Worth

An important tip to reduce stress and tension is acknowledging your self-worth.

The stress hormones created by your body are automatically sent to your organs to elicit a fight-or-flight response—even if you aren’t in a situation that requires it.

Outside of your brain, the adrenal glands serve as the main responders to stress.

When these glands are made to process excessive stress, the health consequences can be severe.

Ignoring your value keeps you in a continued state of stress that prevents your body from functioning at its full capacity.

So, stop indulging in self-deprecating thoughts.

While your body and energy may be limited, this does not mean your worth is limited.

Your body responds favourably when you appreciate your person, a key step in how to reduce tension.

3. Don’t Dwell On Others’ Judgment

The most important hormone for controlling stress is cortisol.

If you experience excessive stress, your cortisol levels will fluctuate as your body struggles to keep up.

Without proper levels of this hormone, your body will not handle stress appropriately.

In addition to the stress you feel from criticizing yourself, you probably also stress yourself out by dwelling on the judgments of other people.

Strive to ignore such judgments, and realize that they stem from others’ insecurities about their value.

4. Forgive Sincerely

If you feel plagued by the criticism of others, it’s important to forgive.

Don’t do it for your reputation, but for your health and peace of mind.

If you pretend to forgive for shallow reasons, you can never truly heal.

Remaining stressed will put too much of a burden on your adrenal glands, and their output will become abnormal over time.

Once stress becomes a normal habit for you, your cortisol output peaks and ultimately drops because your adrenal glands can’t keep up with the demand.

This condition is known as Adrenal Fatigue.

5. Learn to Reduce Tension in Conflict

When dealing with Adrenal Fatigue, your body is kept in a chronic state of fatigue, with no obvious pathological cause.

Conventional medical results will mostly appear to be normal, but you still suffer from serious effects.

Adrenal Fatigue is often accompanied by depression, panic attacks, insomnia, chemical sensitivity, and other conditions.

If you never forgive, you only make things worse for yourself and your health.

Deteriorating health also makes you more stressed, and this continues the cycle.

Instead of focusing on other people, take responsibility for yourself, take control, calm down, and forgive.

6. Make Kindness the Centre of Everything

When learning to look at yourself and forgive, you’ll eventually grow and learn to go a step further.

In everything you do, intend to be kind.

The reactions you get from others will make you lighter and happier, and you’ll notice changes in your body.

The body’s stress response also affects your metabolism, and this controls your inflammatory responses, the health of your body’s cells and your ability to detoxify.

Being kind is a way of cleansing yourself, both spiritually and physically.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with relevant discoveries on this topic. Let’s know what you think about this post. CLICK HERE to comment, please!


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