This Is How Valentine's Day Impacted The People Of Buea. - #iJAVoices – iJesusAfrica

This Is How Valentine’s Day Impacted The People Of Buea. – #iJAVoices

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The world already has a cliche mindset when it comes to the month of February. This month to a lot of people is attributed to the 14th, widely known as Valentine’s Day, or lovers’ Day.

In Cameroon like many other countries, this day is celebrated by lovers, mothers, and close friends. The color of affection ( red) fills the street, as vendors make the most of this opportunity, selling gifts of all forms from roses to chocolates, and designer bags, the list could go on for two days.

This has been of great benefit to them, as every year they are able to make a reasonable amount of cash, selling tokens of love.

In Buea, the South West Region of Cameroon, a few days to Valentine’s Day the streets are full of vendors by the roadsides waiting on anyone who passes by and even just dares to look their way.

This year by the 13th, the streets of Molyko were quite busy with lovers, friends, families, and vendors, who were all excited for this unofficial holiday.

People were seen buying last-minute gifts, and others ordered theirs from online vendors, hoping that they arrived on time come Monday morning.

Obviously, the long-respected ‘Ghost Town’ on Mondays in Buea, did not stop loved ones from celebrating the day. Joyful screams could be heard from far and near,

as lovers exchanged gifts, some made social media posts expressing their feelings to their loved ones, while others made it special by surprising long-distance lovers and loved ones at their doorsteps.

Chocolates were in high demand and with the availability of the vendors right up to the 14th, one would begin to wonder if they never had loved ones of their own.

While most lovers celebrated that day and enjoyed each other’s company, some wished the day could end faster than normal.

There was news on social media about a few men and women getting their hearts broken by their partners, and others who did not believe in the idea of celebrating love just on a single day thought the celebration was a fake expression of love.

By the end of the day, lovers, partners, and friends had gotten their wish of spending the day with a loved one. Some had gotten their hearts shattered, while others were sad because they were far away from home, and couldn’t be with the ones they hoped to celebrate the day with.

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