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The Next Level Of Dance Expression

Dance is an art, it’s an expression of self, opinions, beliefs, emotion, and revolution.
This Dance group we will introduce below goes beyond dance and impacting lives. They are a movement of Cameroon gospel dancers network (GODAN).

They are aimed at giving the 237 Gospel dancers a platform for their dance ministrations and art.

On the 21st of February 2021, the town of Yaounde experienced the first-ever

”national gospel dancers concert” organized by the popularly known 237 GODAN ( Cameroon gospel dancers network), which brought together amazing dance crews, gospel ministers, and teachers of the word from all over the country. It began with a two-day seminar and was crowned with the concert, it was an amazing experience.

The president of this movement Ajama 500volts and his Vice Bless Ndifion relentlessly with God’s help made this program a success.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that Cameroon has a handful of gospel dance groups, they were able to bring  most of them together and ensure seamless collaboration

Some of these dance groups were Lux Amiger, virtue dance academy, kings class, G flames, Gospel alert dance crew, and the list is inexhaustible.

Not only did this conference have dancers, but it also had music ministers that diffused music into the soul; Daddy Bob of Higher Praise, Minister Thiery, Minister Bisong, and many others. Also present was one of Lux Amigers backbone, Rabbi Smith

Speaking to the president and founder of 237 GODAN Ajama 500volts he said:

“It was a dream come true for me, as youths had the utmost privilege and opportunity to praise God in their very own way without anyone restricting them.
I saw the hand of God made manifest from preparations right up to execution. I was also amazed at the turnout, given that we didn’t have enough time for promo(just 3weeks) but the hall was jam-packed.
All glory to the Father!”

The joys were indescribable, everyone was expressive of the marvel they felt. GODAN’s Vice President Bless Ndifoin said the following:

 ” I want to say the program was a challenge starting from the organization since we had barely a month to set everything up. Also, it was a success and I give God thanks because I saw his hand at work. His works were evident and for that I thank Him. Bringing together different dance groups was not easy but in the end, it was successful and it can only be God.”

The buzz was so contagious and satisfying, sampling other views, we had a talk with
Gospel Maniquine, the founder of VDA (Virtue Dance Academy) he had this to say:

” I felt satisfied and amazed by the dream come through to create a network and platform for 237Gospel dancers, also by bold step of GODAN BOARD MEMBERS. The hand of God upon it was inexplicable plus the safe travel of crews traveling from different regions to make it for the concert was mind-blowing and sacrificing.”

Lila the Vice President of Lux Buea had a lot to say and comment about

” I am speechless, I don’t know what I can say. It was nice, a great program truly and I enjoyed it.”

The chief choreographer for the Gospel Alert dance crew Nkanghe Ella had an elaborate list of gratitude, here’s what she said

“The 237 Gospel Dancers Network is a blessing to the Gospel Ministry.
I was like I got to be there, the spirit keeps insisting that I shouldn’t miss it, I had to sacrifice my 2weeks transportation fair for work to be there, and trust me it was worth it. God is really at work and his manifestation is clear and visible. Trust it was a place to be. Such occasions should be organized every weekend though smiles Watch out for the GODAN family, it is taking worshippers to another dimension of worship.”

The experience was life-transforming for both the organizers and the attendees, these testimonials are evidence enough.

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