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The Glorified Series: Bukonge Terence Tells Us More About “My Lover My Judge” And The Lyte Studios

You Are Reading: The Glorified Series: Bukonge Terence Tells Us More About “My Lover My Judge” And The Lyte Studios

The Glorified series has existed for close to more than a year now, and Bukonge Terence has released three songs under the glorified series (Abba Pere, Freedom, and recently My Lover my Judge).

Abba Pere, Freedom,

Bukonge will be revealing to us about his career, the Lyte Studios, and how he intends to use his resources as producer and CEO of one of the most recognized record labels in Cameroon, the Lyte Studios to contribute to the growth of the gospel in Cameroon.

IJA: My Lover my Judge, what is the secret behind it?

Bukonge Terence: My lover, My Judge is the 3rd Episode in the Glorified series launched last year.

The song has an objective to take away the fear of judgment day from most Christians and the rest of the world.

IJA: What message do you want to send out there?

Bukonge Terence: The main message of the song is about judgment day. From scripture, I saw that judgment is something that happened in Christ Jesus.

When he died and resurrected, and the verdict that was passed was that anyone who believes in him is saved already. And those who do not believe are condemned already as they stand John 3:18.

IJA: Tell us about the Glorified Series?

the Glorified series

Bukonge Terence: The Glorified series is a group of songs God gave to me all through the year to help reveal some truths about what he has accomplished in his son Jesus Christ

IJA: We noticed a slowdown in your career, can you tell us more?

Bukonge Terence: I had to restructure the project and put some things in order before continuing with the project because it’s the first biggest project of my career

IJA: How do you manage the studio and other things?

Bukonge Terence: Well I consider myself in full-time ministry and a businessman too. So I just make sure I do what needs to be done at a particular time. And try as much as possible not to procrastinate

IJA: How do you plan to use your resources at the Lyte Studios to contribute to the growth of gospel in Cameroon?

Bukonge Terence: Lyte studios has been serving its community now for over 4 years and we intend to keep coming up with several activities like the recently launched holidays classes and the yearly Singing competition we organize in partnership with the New creation World as a means of giving back to our community

IJA: Tell us more about your experience at the Lyte Studios as a producer and CEO?

Bukonge Terence: Well I would say being an entrepreneur has been one of my most challenging endeavors so far.

What makes it even more challenging, is the fact that music is a tool I use to educate the world of the gospel and I am still supposed to use it at one point in time as a revenue generator.

Creating a balance is not easy but it’s possible and requires a lot of sacrifices.

The Glorified Series in a brief Introduction

This has been kept in the dark for a long time, but now it is out in the open.

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God wanted everyone not just Jews to know this rich and glorious secret inside out regardless of their background, regardless of their religious standing, regardless of whoever they may be.

The mystery, in a nutshell, is justice, Christ in you, it’s that simple. This is the substance of our message, we preach Christ warning people not to add to the message.

We teach in the spirit of profound common sense so that we can bring each person to maturity and be mature is to be basic Christ nothing more, nothing less”.

The Glorified series will return … and truly it has returned through “My Lover My Judge”


You Were Reading: The Glorified Series: Bukonge Terence Tells Us More About “My Lover My Judge” And The Lyte Studios

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