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The Cameroon Gospel Music Network: Meet The Vision Bearer “Adeline Mbenkum”

You Are Reading: The Cameroon Gospel Music Network: Meet The Vision Bearer Adeline Mbenkum

On June 19th, the official launch of the Cameroon Gospel Music Network took place at the Cameroon Cultural Hall, Yaoundé. We seized the opportunity to witness the event and conduct some interviews with a few executives.

Adeline Mbenkum, president of the network talks to us about CGM-NET in an exclusive interview with iJesusAfrica.

Adeline Mbenkum
Adeline Mbenkum

IJA: We’ve come to the end of the amazing launch of The Cameroon Gospel Music Network. What is your appraisal of the event?

Adeline Mbenkum: It is difficult when organisers are asked to appraise their work. Rather, I look forward to the appraisal of others. However, let me voice my impressions. I think the time has come for impact and fulfillment of God’s purpose in Cameroon.

The 2020 law, known as the Landmark Law, initiated by the Minister of Arts and Culture, adopted by parliament and promulgated into law by the Head of State, has come to bring the change. Gospel musicians through CGM- Net have positioned themselves to be the change bearers and to position Gospel music in its rightful place at the center stage. Today is a wonderful begining.
You saw the enthusiasm, the talent in the domain and the overall engagement. I’m very happy that this day has come to pass. We look forward to greater days ahead.

IJA: How satisfied are you with today’s outcome?

Adeline Mbenkum: I am very satisfied. It is like a leap into the unknown. Gospel artists have been holding back, within the four walls of their churches, and have been thinking that the world should be there and them here whereas they exist to help the world, bring joy and soothe pain through their songs.

I think they have understood today they the nation and the world need them and they have to come out of their four walls of the church and reach out; Christ Himself said He did not come for those who are well, He came for those who are sick. If we have the Gospel message, it should be sent to those who need it more. Not those who already know Christ.

IJA: Who were those involved in this launch in terms of prominent Cameroon Gospel artistes?

Adeline Mbenkum: Great ministers like Daddy Bob, Maestro Sakuma, Ndongo Eric, Sentman, and Minister Joel came out in support of this cause and have taken the resolve, God being our helper, to move Gospel music to the next level.

IJA: What is the vision of CGM-NET?

Adeline Mbenkum: CGM-Net has come to boost the creativity of Gospel artists and all the stakeholders. Also, to contribute to building an impactful industry that will not just be about entertainment. Rather, an Artistic Ministry.
We will not forget who we are.

We are children of God, carrying the Gospel message and so we are ministering and are not just an entertainment ministry. We bear in mind that everything is about Jesus Christ and the Message we have to transmit.

IJA: Who is eligible to join the network and how can they join?

Adeline Mbenkum: Registration is currently going on. Immediately after this, we will launch an online campaign that will mobilize all Gospel music industry, stakeholders.

Whether you are an instrumentalist, Gospel artiste, praise and worship leader, promoter or minister of the Word who will like to stand with Gospel artistes, you are invited to join. It is about the Word of God. It is about Jesus Christ.

IJA: If we understand well, whether you are a seasoned minister of someone just starting, you are eligible to join?

Adeline Mbenkum: Yes. It is for everybody. If you are already seasoned, you will hold the hand of those just starting. What is important is you are singing for Christ and spreading the Gospel message.

With that, you qualify. Also, we will have training sessions, capacity building for all our members, ensure quality control and make sure our products meet international standards

IJA: This sounds interesting! What more does the network have to offer?

Adeline Mbenkum: In addition to the aforementioned, there will be promotions to boost their visibility, publishing, and online sales so they can have alternative sources of income. This is for poverty alleviation, and to improve the living conditions. Also, we will have productions and concerts- more and more concerts.

We are planning a big concert by the end of the year. CGM-NET is also partnering with a director of programmes who is used to bringing in great musicians like Don Moen, Sinach and the likes. So, we will be expecting them come November.

IJA: A word for those who want to delve into the Gospel music industry?

Adeline Mbenkum: Government is not a bad thing. Government is a facilitator and has put in place this law and other facilities for us to benefit from. We must not run away. Rather, we must welcome the hand for fellowship the government has stretched towards us. Secondly, we should not forget who we are and where we are coming from.

That is, we are preaching Christ through song and we should continue to stay within that framework rather than get carried away by the business and the entertainment involved in music. Let’s always remember that we are an artistic ministry, souls need to be touched, and our country needs us for peace, joy, love, happiness, and all the good things the Bible tells us of.

We did not end with an interview with the President. Look forward to other exclusive interviews with other members of the organizing team as well as renowned icons of the Cameroon gospel industry such as Daddy Bob.

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You Were Reading: The Cameroon Gospel Music Network: Meet The Vision Bearer Adeline Mbenkum

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