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Talk To Your Teens About Sex

Talking about sex with teenagers can be a bit challenging, especially in Africa.

African parents should learn to initiate sex talks with their teens in order to properly guide them in sexual issues.

Though having sex talk with your teen is important, you need to create healthy parenting atmosphere so your teen can easily open up to you.

You can initiate sex talk while they are watching TV or when a family friend is pregnant. Whatever works for you is fine.

 Points to Note When Talking About Sex With Your Teen

 Points to Note When Talking Sex With Your Teen

Points to Note When Talking Sex With Your Teen

  • Keep your conversation informal and positive. The ‘sex talk’ might be one of the most weird conversations you will ever have, as not so many African parent do this. Chances are high that your teenager will be grateful to you for taking the initiative to invite them to ask you about any questions they have. But, please don’t act surprise at what they would say.
  • Emphasize with your child the meaning of respect.  That means they need to have respect for themselves and the other person by making sure their ‘no’ remains ‘no’ outside marriage. It’s as simple as that. Respect is key.
  • Ensure you let your teenager know about the consequences of premarital sex. They should be aware of all consequences that can potentially come with having premarital sex, like pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and dropping out of school. Encourage them to make the right decision.

How to initiate sex-talk

  • Your child is less likely to initiate the conversation because they’ll probably be feeling weird. A great way to start the conversation is in a casual setting. Perhaps you can ask them to help you make dinner or wash the dishes, then start the conversation there.
  • From there, use a conversational tone. This will relax your teen and then they will feel more inclined to answer and ask questions.
  • If you notice they’re hanging out with someone who seems really close, you could start the conversation with “so how’s ___”, “what have you guys been up to”. Then when the conversation starts to flow you can then say “you know you can talk to me about anything, I won’t judge you”. And really mean it.
  • If none of this starts the conversation then hit them with “remember I was your age once upon a time”.

Even though these conversations are serious, it will be hard to get your teen to open up if you’re too serious.

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