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Shocking? The Forthcoming Tower Of Lights Concert With G4 Isn’t What We Hoped For

I am a lil unhappy as I write this article. I remember how happy I was when Eagles Wings Productions announced the upcoming concert for their CEO and frontline artist G4. A few persons I talked with at that time where excited and assumed it will be an “All Hip Hop” concert; but shockingly, it’s not!!!

The question is: “When will Cameroon experience an ‘All Hip Hop’ gospel concert?” If a pioneer as G4 couldn’t make this possible when he could, then the possibility might just be a pious hope. Well, let’s leave that for some other day.

Back to the shock! Eagles Wings Productions recently shared what we will consider “The official Flyer”. This flyer features Cameroonian gospel acts like Min Etta, Prosper Menko, Pearl, Asheck, and many other acts who aren’t of the Hip Hop genre! How sad… Continue Reading Below!

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Anyway, you can check out the flyer above, and scroll below to drop a comment! Do you think it is shocking, or are you satisfied and not surprised? let’s know in the comment section below! Click Here For more details and seat reservations!

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