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Series: Momentum – The Key To Breakthrough | Sundays With Bethel Cameroon Family Fellowship, EP2

Hello iJesusAfricans, we are pleased to introduce a new church series titled ‘Sundays With Bethel Cameroon Family Fellowship‘ a series dedicated to bringing you weekly updates from Bethel Cameroon Family Fellowship‘s Sunday services. The series is set to be published every Friday on our website ( and across our social media platforms. Come back every Friday for new episodes, and do well to join Bethel Cameroon Family Fellowship this Sunday!




Welcome to July 2020, the month of Breakthrough. The past week has been amazing. So many testimonies of provision, protection, encounters, promotions, healing, and much more. Last Sunday kicked off with a power-packed intercession from Pastor DIABE, we overcame the enemy by the words of our testimony.



The BAC worship team caused a tremor in the spirit realm with the sound of a breakthrough. Words are not enough to describe the happenings that morning. Minister Blandine and Pastor Ndongo Joseph released an atmosphere of the supernatural; they took us to depths of worship that we had not experienced before.

BCFF is known by many to be a family that believes in the word of God “as the only standard mankind should conform to”, and that every believer has been called into the supernatural. This belief is one of the reasons why BCFF founded Bethel Atlanta School Of Supernatural Ministries, which has empowered and released many revivalists since its creation in 2010.

The Word

Pastor Wango Boris mounted the pulpit and taught on Momentum – The Key To Breakthrough



What is Momentum?

This is the impetus of a moving object. This impetus causes a force that can bring a breakthrough. The increased force created by momentum, the faster the breakthrough will manifest.

What is Breakthrough?

Spiritual Breakthrough is a moment in time (Kairos) when someone gains access to a higher spiritual truth. These new sets of truths bring the person to a whole new experience of life. The physical reality of your life is directly proportional to the truth you are currently living in.

Your present circumstances are a report card of the truths you are currently living in. As you get transformed in your mind and spirit, your environment will begin to reflect the transformation that happened within you. When you see things changing around a person whether good or bad it means something is happening within the man.

What is Stronghold?

A stronghold is a mindset that is either fortified by the Spirit of God or by demonic spirits. Godly strongholds are mindsets that are grounded on the truth and fortified by the Holy Spirit. When you build Godly strongholds in your mind, you become immune to the attacks of the enemy. You must agree with the enemy for him to get access to your life.

How do you build momentum?

There are many ways to build spiritual momentum but I would like to focus on 4 main ways: Prayer, Praise, Generosity, and Prophecy, said Pastor Boris during his ministration.

  1. The Power of Prayer and Fasting (Matt. 17:21)
  2. The Spirit of Praise (Zeph. 3: 14-20)
  3. Radical Generosity
  4. Prophecy  (Hosea 12:13)


  • 2 Sam. 5:20
  • Rom 12:2
  • Isaiah 11:2
  • Matt. 17:21
  • Zeph. 3: 14-20
  • Luke 19:8-10
  • Hosea 12:13

Listen to the full message below!

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