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Series: How To Prepare For A Breakthrough | Sundays With Bethel Cameroon Family Fellowship, EP1

Hello iJesusAfricans, we are pleased to introduce a new church series titled ‘Sundays With Bethel Cameroon Family Fellowship‘ a series dedicated to bringing you weekly updates from Bethel Cameroon Family Fellowship‘s Sunday services. The series is set to be published every Friday on our website ( and across our social media platforms. Come back every Friday for new episodes, and do well to join Bethel Cameroon Family Fellowship this Sunday!

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Welcome to July 2020, the month of Breakthrough. Last Sunday was an amazing Sunday; from intercession with Pastor Sako to a glorious moment of ‘Worship’ with BAC Worship, the service was indeed powerful with so much Glory in the atmosphere. The sound of worship, the tears, the hungry hearts for intimacy with God, made such a beautiful cocktail.

Pastor Sako

BCFF is known by many to be a family that believes in the word of God “as the only standard mankind should conform to”, and that every believer has been called into the supernatural. This belief is one of the reasons why BCFF founded Bethel Atlanta School Of Supernatural Ministries, which has empowered and released many revivalists since its creation in 2010.

The Word

‘How to prepare for a breakthrough’ is the title of the message by Pastor Ndongo Joseph, literally blew the minds of the brethren with practical tools and realities in preparing for a breakthrough. Below is an excerpt, from last Sunday’s teaching.

Pastor Joseph


According to the Miriam Webster dictionary, a breakthrough is simply an act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle. We cannot talk about breakthroughs without having an understanding of the nature and character of Father God from the Scriptures.

The book of Hebrews talked of His immutable nature and Character. This speaks of His steadiness, reliability, and consistency. The word also means:

  1. God is unchangeable; He is the same yesterday today and forever.
  2. He was a way maker, He is a way maker and He will be a way maker.
  3. He was a door opener, He is a door opener and He will be a door opener.
  4. He was a provider, He is a provider and in the future, if you need any kind of provision He will meet those needs.
  5. He is immutable, He is not influenced by, uttered by any outside force; He is the ultimate influencer.
  6. IT doesn’t change Him, He changes IT. It doesn’t matter what IT is because it does not change Him but He changes IT.
  7. As long as He remains what He said that He is, everything will be alright.

Can Breakthroughs Stay Constant?

God wants you to have a constant breakthrough. One of the most important reasons for us having a constant breakthrough is that; God is progressive; Out of all the names the Bible uses to describe God, being stagnant, stock, or anything of the like is not one of them.

God is progressive, He is a God of movement and advancement, He is the God that wants to move us from Egypt, to the wilderness, and to Canaan land. He wants to move us from faith to faith and from glory to glory.  below!

Every first Sunday of the month, BCFF brake’s bread in communion (Communion Service), which ends with a potluck.

Listen to the full message


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