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September 2020: 10 Cameroonian Gospel Artists To Watch Out For This September

Welcome to the month of September! Last month was an amazing one, with new releases from Cameroonian gospel artists like Ronnel Valerie, Dsaint Livingston, and others.

Cameroonian gospel/Christian music is gradually growing, with influence across the world. Cameroon is beginning to record great uprising and already trending artists, with unique styles and creativity both at home and abroad.

These artists have been known to deliver the gospel in different genres. We present you with a list of 10 Cameroonian Gospel Artists that should be on your radar this September.

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1) Karine Atem (Artist on Spotlight)

A Little About Her: Karine Atem is a USA-based Cameroonian gospel artist who was born and raised in Cameroon but later on moved to the USA for studies. Karine seeks to bless and empower the world through her music; with her official debut ‘Matchless God’ and her recent release titled ‘Nothing Will Stop Me’, it is with no doubt that she has begun the journey of restoration. Enjoy her latest release below, released September 1st, 2020

2)  G4

3) Shyns MT

4) Asobo Nazy

5) Ronnel Valerie

6) Pandita Njoh

7) Kliff Methula

8) Alvy

9) David Etta King

10) Beny Lee

You have reached the end!!! What do you think about this list? Click Here to comment, please!

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