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See How These Health Benefits Of Music Will Change Your Perspective About Music

We have a lot of amazing Music lists we seem never to get enough of.

Most comprises of songs that just keeps us so relaxed and others seem to remind us about striking events in our lives like our wedding days, the day you had your first birthday or even your first date.

Oops, I just struck a chord right?

These are all wonderful experiences, but have you ever wondered if music had any health benefits? Curious right?

Yes, it does!

Let’s check it out.

1. Music Stimulates the Brain

 stimulates the Brain

stimulates the Brain

All of our human senses, including hearing, are processed by the brain. Keeping the brain active by stimulating it in a variety of ways can ensure brain health, particularly as we age.

This is why listening to Music is one of the activities that can have a positive effect on brain health. Songs help activate almost all of your brain’s different regions and networks.

It also strengthens connections between different parts of the brain. This includes the areas responsible for: Emotions, Memory, and Learning.

2. Music helps relieve stress and Anxiety

Due to how music makes us feel good, it’s not surprising that it can help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.

It helps reduce the production of cortisol, one of the powerful stress hormones.

When we listen to songs we love, by connecting with something familiar, it provokes feelings of safety, which is helpful during uncertain times.

The repeated beats and knowing what comes next signals to our brains that all is okay – the decrease in cortisol has a calming effect which helps reduce blood pressure.

3. Decreases death anxiety

Music frequently decreases death anxiety and increases participants’ satisfaction with life.

Moreover, a study reveals that listening to music increases self-esteem, and bestows upon the listeners a sense of self-control.

The findings also showed that regardless of race or gender, music improves the mental health of the aged.

4. Reduces pain

Research has shown that music can be very helpful in the management of pain.

A study of fibromyalgia patients found that those who listened to music for just one hour a day experienced a drastic reduction in pain, compared to those in a control group.

At the end of the four-week study period, participants who had listened to a song each day experienced a significant reduction in feelings of pain and depression.

Such results suggest that music therapy could be an important tool in the treatment of chronic pain.

Music, especially good music can inspire, entertain, and encourage but it also has a powerful psychological effect that can improve health and well-being

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