Review With Pictures: Cameroonian Gospel Singer, Zita Light's Birthday Worship Concert Finally Came Through!!! – iJesusAfrica

Review With Pictures: Cameroonian Gospel Singer, Zita Light’s Birthday Worship Concert Finally Came Through!!!

It has been my covenant with Yahweh to celebrate my birthday in a special way by rendering Him worship. It’s been like this for the past 4years” said Zita Light during an interview with iJesusAfrica as friends and lovers of gospel music broke all odds to join her worship, God.


19th May is her birthday and has always been a day to behold. It is usually marked by special events to give honor to God.  This year was not an exception as she was determined to use her talents and gifts to honor The King.


Being a day closest to 20th May (National Unity Day), it was obvious that the streets of Bamenda would be emptied as separatist Fighters had announced a 3day lockdown. However, the greatest concern of worshipers was the COVID-19 pandemic which has let to confinement and no gathering of more than 50 persons.

These didn’t dwindle the yearning to worship God by Christians who joined her. Their faith led them to the venue and equally took them back to their respective homes safely. However, the government’s measures to help combat the coronavirus were respected.

Zita Light pleaded with the worshipers to move their eyes from her and focus on God.

It was a solemn service and deep worship as guest ministers like Flavy Praise and Amic Dana sang soul searching songs to Yahweh which brought many to tears. It was not just an experience, but an expression.

Most who joined her were in silent awe as they sensed the powerful presence of God.  Many saw it as an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with God “…it just encouraged me as a person to see how people can go in depths with their relationship with God. To celebrate their lives in the presence of God.  I mean, it gave me great joy. I have never witnessed this before. It boosted me because it’s not about your birth, birth without Jesus is nothing. It was a great time of worship and made me as an individual to understand that there is no me without God…. guest minister Dana Amic stated.

Just like her, other persons expressed joy and satisfaction to have attended.
To think I almost missed this is bizarre. I’m grateful to God that I made it. It was so powerful and I feel different.  I can’t express it…” Said a participant.

The birthday worship concert ended with prayers for Zita Light and a message to her from Father God.

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