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Reason I Resented (Disliked) “Church”: Prominent Music Producer “Sango Edi” Speak’s Out!

Prominent Music Producer Sango Edi

Prominent Music Producer Sango Edi

Will you “hate” him for coming out and sharing his reason for disliking church? Like many persons out here, Cameroonian prominent music producerSango Edi” has had hurtful experiences with the church, as well as with a fellow church folk! This reminds us of Mahatma Ghandi’s popular statement “If it weren’t for Christians, I’d be a Christian”

While the Phrase “Church Hurt” remains new to the church, it is important to know that it is real and we must not ignore! I have been a victim of church hurt, so it was not a surprise to read Edi’s post. See my short story on comment section below!

Below is a Facebook post by Cameroonian prominent music producer Sango Edi earlier today. The post is quite an interesting one, which not everyone will conform to; however, many like me will relate to it! I trust Sango Edi’s post gives you a reason to rethink and actually admit the existence of “Church Hurt

Sango Edi Speaking…”One of the reasons why I stopped hanging out with some/most church folk is cuz of their sense of fashion and their judgemental habit. So I can’t praise God and dress good? Who told y’all Jesus will only come for those with shirts and material trousers as well as head-tie and kaba 

I started resenting church when someone told me “why do you keep that thing (dreads) on your head & why can’t you dress like your friend (who had on a shirt & material trousers)”

SOME churches should fix up their lives.

I remember one day I visited a certain church for my first time and my experience wasn’t good at all. They sent out a lady for dressing in semi-tight skirt and a blouse (which wasn’t even inappropriate or exposed). No Cap.

Some churches spend their entire time preaching about the ‘dangers of going to hell’ and how everything you do is a sin and all that. Mind you, there are people with broken marriages coming to that church who seek help, real help. There are people who can’t get married, ones who can’t get children, people fighting with DEPRESSION and mental delusions, low self esteem etc.. People don’t preach about family, how to fix your marriages and all the other tinz but rather spend their entire time telling us about hell and sin upandan.

Prominent Music Producer Sango Edi

Prominent Music Producer Sango Edi

Another thing is the SOUND in some of these churches. Where does all that offering and donation money go to? I mean good sound is everything. I’ll not talk further on that point.

Lastly, some of these Christian artists (Christians in general) need to step up their fashion game! You’re into music for business regardless of the fact that you’re glorifying HIS Holy Name. HAVE YOU SEEN PROSPER MENKO, EGBE & PROPHET AO??!!!!! Man dem d sap no joke😂. Menko d take dressing personal, almost Dey like na e d take all church nga dem😂🙆🏽‍♂️. I meaannn!!

Oh well, what do I know?!! I’m just a former preacher & mass servant who fell out the light🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

In the words of a former rapper – ANYHA!”

My Opinion: The Church was meant to be for the broken, but it is quite unfortunate to know that a place meant for the broken is now a place for the perfect. So Fake it to Fit in!

Share yours on comment section below!

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    Christy Arrey A.Menngot
    Christy Arrey A.Menngot
    July 25, 2019 11:16 am

    Because I was hurt in a church doesn’t make me hate church. I’m not going to church for any one I’m going for God remember anything we do as Christians we do it because of God. If a particular church doesn’t impact you there’s just a denomination somewhere which is going to impact you somewhere.
    Christianity in not church

    July 25, 2019 12:40 pm

    Thanks so much for you contributions.

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