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Price Of Technical Car Inspection To Double From June 1st, 2022

(Business in Cameroon) – As of June 1st 2022, the prices of technical car inspection will double in Cameroon. The measure was recently approved by the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe.

“Following consultations with administrations and socio-professional organizations of the road transport sector, as well as the association for the defense of consumer rights […], I have the honor to ask you to integrate into the system of securing the process of issuing the technical car inspection, […], the elements of pricing contained in the minutes of consensus, attached,” the official wrote in a note.

The cost of a technical inspection of a passenger car is now set at CFA17,900, all taxes included, compared to CFA9,500 previously. That makes an increase of CFA8,400. The cost for cabs is now CFA4,900 against about CFA2,800 before.

Since last December, the Association of Companies Approved for the Technical Control of Vehicles in Cameroon (ASACTV) has announced that its members will increase the prices of their services because they are facing charges that the old prices can no longer cover.

Initially, this measure was to be applied in January 2022. But their decision was deemed illegal. On December 21, 2021, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe signed a note indicating to the public that the new prices that had been published at the time (and which are not very different from those currently validated) should not be taken into account.

“The Minister of Transport informs the public, and the owners of car inspection centers, following the dissemination on social media of a document signed by the latter and indicating a unilateral change in the prices of the car inspection, that this act is a violation of the regulations in force,”he said at the time.

This cost increase happened in the context of generalized price increases in Cameroon. It could also affect the cost of road transport.


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