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Pastor Gerald Gives Spiritual Insight Into The CGM-NET Official Launch

You Are Reading: Pastor Gerald Gives Spiritual Insight Into The CGM-NET Official Launch

We are still all about the Cameroon Gospel Music Network official launch that took place on June 19. With every move of God, it is our responsibility to seek spiritual insight.

This is exactly what Pastor Gerald provides is this exclusive interview he granted the team.

IJA: Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

I am Pastor Gerald from HOPFAN Church, Ogbogbobo rail. I am the resident pastor.

Pastor Gerald
Pastor Gerald

IJA: What is your appraisal of the official launch of CGM-NET?

I’ll first like to thank God for this opportunity. It’s a very great idea, and God has given us the grace to be part of it. It was so great and amazing. I didn’t expect this turnout and the quality of guests.

We give God the glory. It is the beginning of something great. We can see that the Lord is gathering His people to create a new army, an army that will bring back peace to our nation.

IJA: Spiritually, what would you say about Gospel music in Cameroon? And where is it heading?

Today, we have good perspective, by God’s special grace, for this launch.

As I said, it’s the beginning of something great and something new. Why? Because God cannot act or do anything in disorder. Where there is disorder, you will not find the hand of God.

If you want to see the hand of God, put things in order. This call to gather people under a banner, I believe is the beginning of the working hand of God over the Gospel ministry in Cameroon.

I believe it is time for Cameroon to shine. By bringing all these people under the same banner, in unity, as the Bible says, all things are possible.

Again, when God wanted to do great things in the lives of the people of Israel when the army could not do it, when the people trained for battle could not do it, God had to raise singers, ministers, Levites that would sing for the glory of His name when He would be acting.

So, I can see in this new movement, God waging a war against all the things taking away peace in our country.

IJA: We know that for every good thing God wants to do, the enemy will want to fight it. What are the challenges the CGM-NET can envisage and how should she prepare to overcome them?

The CGM-NET Official Launch

The first challenge will be within, not out of the group. It will be about accepting this new vision God is giving His children. So, the first thing we’ll have to do is help the people come together.

Just as we read in Genesis chapter eleven about the tower of Babel, if people can be ready to sacrifice what they are, what they had learned, who they are in the field of Gospel music, and accept that God should put them under the same banner, from there….

The Bible says they just gathered to build the tower. But God Himself said if I allow these people to work in unity, surely the tower will be built.

So, He had to come down and put disorder Himself. People coming together will be our biggest strength. When we are together, no matter what the enemy will try, it will not succeed because within, we are in one accord.

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IJA: What word do you have for upcoming Gospel artists who want to do it right and serve God with the gifts they have received?

The first thing I’d tell them is to align themselves with Romans chapter twelve, verses one and two; to offer themselves to God as a living sacrifice. It’s a whole task.

It’s not just about holding the microphone. Before holding the microphone, be sure that your life is built on the Word of God, and that you are not just singing or speaking the words, but that you are a living Bible.

From there, you’ll have mighty impact. Moreover, after making the Word of God the standard for your life, make sure that you are humble. Remember what the Bible says: God resists the proud, and lifts up the humble.

If they apply these two things, it will be a good foundation to have an impact, not only in their country, but all over the world. People are going after the anointing as Gospel ministers or artistes whereas the best anointing is in the Word of God because the Word of God is Jesus Christ.

And when we talk of Jesus, we talk of Jesus the Anointed. You cannot have the Anointed in you and what you produce is not anointed.

So, if you want to see your products anointed, carry The Anointing inside of you. That can be imparted to you through the Word of God.

We hope you were blessed. When God’s servants speak forth, the wise listen. Stay tuned for another exclusive interview.


You Were Reading: Pastor Gerald Gives Spiritual Insight Into The CGM-NET Official Launch

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