Owih Velon Shares Expectations For Forthcoming "TLC 2019", Talks On Their Brand "Tribe 237 Clothing" | Exclusive Interview – iJesusAfrica iJesusAfrica.com

Owih Velon Shares Expectations For Forthcoming “TLC 2019”, Talks On Their Brand “Tribe 237 Clothing” | Exclusive Interview

We were opportune to talk with uprising entrepreneur “Owih Velon“, on his expectations for the forthcoming “The Light Conference with Apostle Lefor Divine D” TLC 2019. He shared their journey so far for their clothing brand “Tribe 237 Clothing” that will showcase new designs at the forthcoming gospel fair. Continue reading to be inspired…

Owih Velon

Tickets for TLC 2019 are now available. Regular = 1,500frs | VIP = 5000frs. Call (+237)675528266 to get yours now! Event opens on the 7th and runs till the 9th of November!

Thank you for considering this interview with IJesusAfrica. Before we talk about TLC 2019, tell us about your brand.

Tribe 237 clothing is a home-based clothing line that speaks Culture and gives a reminder of where we come from; so that’s basically who we are “Tribe”. Tribe has been in existence since 2015 and it has greatly been supported by youths.

We hope a greater part of Cameroon and the world gets to know about us and appreciate the concept, which if u belong to a Tribe you will definitely appreciate where u are from so that’s basically it.

We must say you are doing a lot! So how has it been for you since 2015 What are some of the challenges and achievements you have made this far?

Since the inception of the brand, I must make mentioned a true brother Mr. Tchoumo Tsafack who is currently based in Canada. He has been a source of inspiration and a pioneer founder alongside other partners and ambassadors who came along and greatly contributed to the growth of the brand.

We have had the opportunity to do much; our first outing was publicity of the brand in Tole a locality in the southwest region of Cameroon, Fako to be precise and from there we have made strides in partnering with events.

The most prominent of these events is the AB entrepreneurial night 2017 and the Afrikpreneur. We did another photo-shoot early this year in Bokwango still in southwest region-Buea and we lastly participated in a cultural event at Bongo square organized by the delegate of Culture a national event though…

Those are the steps we have made so far and worth mentioning is the fact that we have been able to sell our products to the population not only showcasing but selling as well.

Tickets for TLC 2019 are now available. Regular = 1,500frs | VIP = 5000frs. Call (+237)675528266 to get yours now! Event opens on the 7th and runs till the 9th of November!

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Wow, this is incredible and inspiring! We trust Father God has expanded your reach, with more networks, platforms, and sales! And we wish you the best in your business! Keep it coming!

Thanks for the prayers already

We bless God! So what will you tell aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those considering clothing and apparel?

Well, Fashion is a thing of the past, present, and the future but directing your focus and getting your audience is a major issue with clothing so far. Our venture Tribe has been able to capture both the youths and adults to like our concept.

It’s a process we are still learning; I can’t say much because I call it the Gamble anything can happen anything can come out. We have a front line design that has been a major selling collection it has given us the phase that we have that’s the design with various Tribes encrypted on.

To me, it’s just to find a click; once people appreciate it that’s it you have a spring to bounce on and you keep advancing.

Thanks a lot!! Means much to our readers!!!

It’s my pleasure

Now, talking of The Light Conference with Apostle Lefor Divine D, is this your first time participating?

It’s my first time and the feeling is amazing. I can’t shout, it’s an experience I can’t wait to have

Beautiful!!!! Looking forward to seeing you there! So, how did you hear of #TLC2019?

Got a notification from a friend on WhatsApp that’s how

As a participant in #TLC2019, what should we expect from your brand?

Well before selection, there was an audition so nothing extra but expect the Gamble! What we do is we put out something new in every outing that we make. The new collection we will be showing is called “kings in the morning

Great, IJesusAfrica.com is looking forward to capturing this moment!!!!! Are there some acts you look forward to meeting during the conference?

I have not had a rundown of the program so I don’t know how the activities, still looking forward to have

True. So what are your expectations from the forthcoming Gospel trade fair #TLC2019 ??

My fingers are crossed! What I admire most in events is planning; once the planning is organized everything goes well with no stress.

Before you leave, let us know how our readers can reach you or your catalog

We can be reached on this platform at @Tribe237Clothing, Whatsapp: 672267855 for all kinds of print jobs. We do serigraphy as well.

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Thanks. It was a great session with you. See you at #TLC from the 7th to 9th of November- next week at Chariot Hotel Buea, Cameroon.

What do you think of this interview? Join the discussion below to share your views!

Tickets for TLC 2019 are now available. Regular = 1,500frs | VIP = 5000frs. Call (+237)675528266 to get yours now! Event opens on the 7th and runs till the 9th of November!

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