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Nothing Good Comes Easy: Minister Joel Mbock Talks CGM-NET And Ministry

You Are Reading: Nothing Good Comes Easy: Minister Joel Mbock talks CGM-NET And Ministry

After a few interviews with CGM-NET executives following its official launch, we decided to interview a music minister, Minister Joel, on the launch and his personal journey.

IJA: We are glad to have you on iJesusAfrica. Can you just tell us a bit about yourself?

Minister Joel: I am Joel Mbock, popularly known as Minister Joel. I am from Buea but based in Yaoundé now . I am a gospel artist, musician, composer, and songwriter, and music director.

 interview with CGM-NET
Minister Joel

IJA: Wow. What is your appraisal of the Cameroon Gospel Music Network Official Launch?

Minister Joel: I think it has been really successful for a start. Generally, nothing good comes easy, and it takes a lot of effort for people to join something they don’t understand.

So today was aimed at explaining exactly what the network is about. I think the majority of those present today are satisfied and the vision is clearer. A good thing is that this is for Cameroon. It is for Jesus and it is for Cameroon.

IJA: How can one be a part of the impact created through CGM-Net?

Minister Joel: There is a WhatsApp forum for everyone who wants to be a part of this. There is also a registration fee to be paid – 10000 FCFA. We are very transparent about how the money is used.

If you want to join, you can contact me or any other executive and you will be channeled to the right quarters, the treasurer.

IJA: For those who are not clear on what this is about, would you tell us what CGM-NET has to offer?

Minister Joel: We offer training for a mass choir and training to Cameroon Gospel artistes, music producers and engineers. We offer a platform as well.

This is government endorsed, so we offer a government level platform. Gospel music here has been behind for a while now and so this is aimed at putting Gospel music where it is supposed to be which is at the forefront of the nation.

So, we offer the platform, expertise and professionalism.

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IJA: What would you like to say to upcoming Gospel artists, people who want to delve into the works of Gospel music?

Minister Joel: Firstly, define your goals. You are on an assignment from God; let that assignment be clear to you. Know exactly what God has called you to so there will not be unnecessary competition and unnecessary strife.

Secondly, find this type of network. I’m encouraging you to join CGM-NET. Get somebody who is going to mentor you and train you in this so you do not get into it like a lost sheep.

You need somebody who will hold your hand and teach you, and who understands what God has called you to. This is also important so you do not get exposed before time because early exposure is as dangerous as mate exposure.

So many people get exposed without getting prepared and it then it overwhelms them.

IJA: What is one of the greatest difficulties you have faced as a music minister personally and how did you overcome it?

Minister Joel: Wow! I could take three days to answer this but let me give a summary. Marginalization! I have suffered marginalization for a long while.

At the time I didn’t understand certain things clearly, the marginalization was extremely painful. Once I came to understand my vision and my assignment, I began to overcome.

People insulted me saying I did not have a good voice and things like that. However, I didn’t take it to heart or let it bring me down. I believe there is no smoke without fire. If many people said the same thing, I took it upon myself to work harder.

But if I saw there was no validity to what they were saying, I pushed it aside because even Jesus, the Son of God, was not loved by the whole world. You cannot be loved by everybody.

Just be true to your assignment and calling and work hard both physically and spiritually.

IJA: That was encouraging! What should we expect from Minister Joel in the coming months and years?

Minister Joel: If I tell you, it would not longer be a surprise. Thank you very much!

We believe you have learnt much and are eager for more. Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews with the pillars of the network.


You Were Reading: Nothing Good Comes Easy: Minister Joel Mbock talks CGM-NET And Ministry

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