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My All And All: Fresh Release By King Hamlet From The Throne Of Grace

You Are Reading: My All And All: Fresh Release By King Hamlet From The Throne Of Grace

King Hamlet releases a new song “My All and All”; the gospel music artist has been in the gospel music arena since 2018 when he released his first sound “Quality God”.

“Quality God”.

After battling with death in 2017, he found God and embraced Him with all he had; we are here with King Hamlet, and he’s going to tell us about his new release my all and all”.

IJA: Why My All and All?

my all and all

king Hamlet: The Lord has taken me from grass to Grace, I choosemy all and all“ because of what he did to me, he did not only save me from sin but he saved me from physical death. It’s because of him that I live today so His all and all.

Hamlet in a bit to make us understand the trial he faced in 2017 that nearly took his life said “After I came to Yaoundé in 2017, I became ill, and it was severe that I could not eat or walk.

It went from bad to worse, so there came a night, I slept and in my dream I saw myself death and going somewhere, but after I heard a voice calling my name, the voice said go back, your work on earth is not finished.

Still in that dream I saw myself returning when that voice spoke to me, and in the morning when I woke up, something that proved I died, was found in my mouth, so that was what gave me the inspiration to release my first song” said Hamlet.

King Hamlet Ndzi
King Hamlet Ndzi

IJA: What is the revelation behind this song?

King Hamlet Ndzi
King Hamlet Ndzi

king Hamlet: The revelation behind it is from Psalms 127:1, reading that verse, the Lord ministered to me in a special way that I could only sing it, to tell the world about Christ

IJA: What messages do you intend to send out through this song?

king Hamlet: I want people to know that they should put God the first in their lives, because without him we are nothing.
Another thing I will like the readers to know about this song is that, it is in Matthew 28 18-22, which says that if God is your all and all, then we should know that he has given us the power to preach the gospel in any possible way

IJA: Does King Hamlet have an Album?

King Hamlet Ndzi
King Hamlet Ndzi

king Hamlet: King Hamlet does not have an album yet, basically this is my second release, but I believe in the nearest future and as God being my strength, an album will definitely follow one day.

To readers also, I want them to note that, there are no two ways for a Christian Life, it’s either you are a missionary or a mission; you should know where you are.

Readers that was King Hamlet, the gospel music star, we are pleased to have him on IJA, and we wish him the best in his missionary journey as he spreads the gospel to the world through his songs, you can listen to his new release My All and Allon his YouTube channel @King Hamlet Ndzi.

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You Were Reading: My All And All: Fresh Release By King Hamlet From The Throne Of Grace

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    Tang El Eanor
    July 1, 2021 3:32 pm

    Thanks IJA because of this platform I’ve come to discover great talent in Cameroon and beyond. Kiddos to King Hamlet his message speak volume.

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