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“Modeling Is a Talent; a Gift Every Girl Should Explore”: Exclusive Interview With Miss Christian Africa 2018 -2019

We were privileged to talk with Miss Florence A.NMiss Christian Africa 2018 – 2019′, who shared some great insight into modeling and gave more details regarding the ongoing Miss Christian Cameroon 2020 Pageant. Follow up below and do well to drop us a comment, please!

Congratulations once more for emerging as Miss Christian Africa 2018 – 2019′. What did such victory mean to you?

This meant a lot to me. This to me was a huge opportunity to give back to the Church and to the world. First of all I can’t say I put in my utmost best, it has been God all the way. Every other girl contesting was beautiful and qualified but I would say, I was the one graced at that time to take home victory. This was indeed God’s design to place me at the front because as a queen this year, I have been able to engage more African countries into the Christian pageant and I hope that someday we should be talking of Miss Christian World. The idea of modeling has been for long reduced to just advertising shoes, clothes, and other items but our dream is not just to do that but to reveal the heart of God.

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What inspired you to begin the Miss Christian Pageant in Cameroon.

Growing up as a model, I often participated in pageants where you had to expose your body. So after having an encounter with Father God, I began looking forward to building a platform for models with Christian standards. Continue Reading Below!

Modeling has always been my passion and when I came across the Miss Christian Africa Pageant in 2018, I seized the opportunity to participate.

Going in for the pageant gave me a ‘world of experience’. I came back with a burden to engage more youths in the church into this trend. I was even more motivated to set up this platform because most potential models ‘in the church’ I approached with regard to modeling expressed resentment because of ‘worldly’ inscriptions on modeling.

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Bringing modeling into the Christian community is indeed a great initiative. How much impact do you think this has already created in the church?

This has greatly empowered young girls in the church. It has given them a voice and an opportunity to be celebrated in what they can do. All this is simply a move to transform more lives and to make the world see that Christianity doesn’t limit anyone from exploring their talent. 

Introducing modeling into the church is a new development in Cameroon and in Africa as a whole, how valuable can you say is such an initiative to the church.

 The bible says our gifts shall usher us before kings. Modeling is a talent; it’s a gift that every girl should explore. Rather than young girls sitting and doing nothing, it will be very good if they had the opportunity to explore and showcase their talent.

Many people in the church have put an ‘X’ on a lot of professions. Politics, for example, is one; people think a Christian cannot be a politician which is a kind of mentality that keeps us behind. We need to have people representing us in every sphere of influence.

miss christian cameroon 2018-featured

We are aware the first edition of MCC came through last year. What are some challenges you encountered?

MCC 2019 was the very first edition of Miss Christian Cameroon and I want to thank God because it went well. I had an amazing team and they really helped me a lot. On my own, I felt so much pressure but when my team came in it was such a buffer. We used two months only to put everything together and I can only say it went well. 

I can’t say I did it alone, God first then the team. We had a good turn up of contestants: we were able to host 25 girls at the finale, camping them, feeding them was indeed not easy but God helped us through and I would say that was a very big milestone for Miss Christian Cameroon. Also, we had support from a few media houses: some were able to do coverage of the event.

Still coming back to the challenges, I would say we were greatly challenged at the level of sponsorship. It was hard getting prominent people in society to support the Christian move and this was quite disappointing. This is a challenge that we still have. 

Taking home the titled Miss Christian Cameroon must entail a lot, so what makes someone qualified to win Miss Christian Cameroon?

We are looking for that girl who is bold and expressive. Our focus is not on the form, we are not just looking at physical attributes. Those with a heart for the people; ready to win souls and having a clear vision are eligible to become a Miss Christian Cameroon.

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Every event is guided by its major objectives, so what are the major objectives guiding the Miss Christian Cameroon Pageant ?


What are some basic qualities that qualify any girl to contest at the ongoing Miss Christian Cameroon pageant?

First of all, she must be a Christian. She must be able to speak any of the official languages; which is English or French.

miss christian cameroon 2018-featured

What are your anticipations in this year’s edition of MCC?

Firstly we hope to get in more sponsors without which we cannot run the event. I am expecting nothing short of success and great turnout for the event.

Are we expecting Mr Christian Cameroon anytime soon?

 I have had many people ask me that question and the answer is “yes”. We would really love to and as soon as we have enough funds we will definitely make the balance in gender.

miss christian cameroon 2018-featured

What advice do you have for aspiring models who find themselves in Christian settings?

Push forward with your dreams; don’t let anyone talk you down. There are cases wherein your church may not be open towards the idea, this is difficult but you should strive to make your dream come through.

Connect With Miss Florence A.N

  • Facebook/IG: @Anyiaka Florence

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    Chechua Manzo
    Chechua Manzo
    April 3, 2020 12:53 pm


    I am thrilled reading this article. Many talents die in the name of ‘ worldly’

    Thank you for the insights. May God bless the work you do.

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