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MJ Klan: Separation Or Diversification? | Exclusive Interview With Mady Lerakinz

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Greetings Family, we trust all is well with you! IJesusAfrica was privileged to talk with Mady Lerakinz of former gospel music duo MJ Klan. The interview was insightful and now we know more regarding their going solo! See Interview session Here! or continue reading below!


Thanks for joining us today. Can you give us an introductory biography of you please? So our readers can know you

I am Mady Lerakinz, most people know me as Mado Timah or MJ Klan. I was born in a small village called Bole bakundu and have been singing since I was 8 years old.

Went to the university of Buea and grew up with a pastor of the Apostolic church Cameroon Late Rev F.M Timah.

How has singing been for you since 8?

There have been a lot of ups and downs. Sincerely it’s God n my love for music that has kept me going till now

I have had to work very hard for to achieve my goals in music n it was not easy but God kept teaching me something new every step of the way.

You are right, So how have you been able to manage some of these challenges?

 I let God guide me through every step. I was conscious of the fact that music is something that has led so many people out of Christ. The one thing I did was to focus on Jesus

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Will you say the Gospel scene in Cameroon has been progressive for the past years??

 I sure will say so. There has been a lot of growth in in Cameroon. At first it was difficult for Cameroonians to listen to their own music and appreciate it.

But now they have started really encouraging their own and that has made Cameroonian artist too to work harder to become better. So much progress

Tell us about the Mady of Former Gospel music duo MJ Klan; what year did you join the group/ Klan? And were you a singer only or had other responsibilities for the klan?

I was fortunate to be one of the founders of MJK, it was birth on the 08 of January 2014. I was a singer, song writer and also a script writer for some of our videos like the recent one toi et moi.

 #Toietmoi music video was a masterpiece, thanks for that. Even though the song brought much curiosity to us. Was it intentional? We @ IJesusAfrica suspected a marriage after that. 😁 😁

Actually we just did the video professionally. We knew the song could be used for weddings and Christians are skeptical of love songs so we were just thinking about people out there who are in love because love is a beautiful thing.

How was the transition from MJ Klan to Mady Lerakinz? Will you say separation was the ideal thing to do?

Hmm I wouldn’t call it separation I would call it a diversification. And the truth is God is still revealing what he meant for it. So far, I would say it’s great. But I know the questions people have today will be clarified with time because only God can truly clarify it.

Wow. This is beautiful. And it was the perfect song to have as MJ Klan last released song.  Thanks for the clear cut. Diversification and not separationNot much has been head of Mady Lerakinz, since you went solo; are you currently working on an official release?

 I am working on so many things right now. I will only put myself out there when the Holy Spirit tells me to. There is a surprise package coming.

Who’s your most admired Cameroonian gospel act? And why??

My most admired would be Ronnel Valery. I love his simplicity and maturity. And his uniqueness in the gospel brand.

And it is what it is!!! Ronnel Valerie is a rare kind… These remarks about him have been consistent. Everyone thinks likewise

 Yes. Consistency is good in whatever we do

Which Cameroonian gospel rap song did you recently listen to?

hahahaha. None recently

Ok… The release rate is quite slow for these Rappers. Will you feature a rapper in your song?

I love Rap, yes I will

What inspired the name “Mady Lerakinz”?

I have two families, my biological family and my foster family. Most people know me by my foster family name Timah. So I decided to have a name neutral that reflects my personality

That’s insightful, thanks. What other things do you do alongside music?

 I have fashion, and I am currently trying to get into music production

Music production? Interesting… What are three things you will prescribe to every upcoming Gospel artist?

  1. Have a great relationship with God
  2. Work hard to give your best I.e be branded and give God quality service.
  3. Don’t have just music as your all. Involve yourself in doing something else other than music.

Tell us about your life before Christ, how you encountered him and what life’s been for you in Christ.

I grew up in Church, since before I knew myself. But then when I met my spiritual father Evangelist TIMOTHY AYIRE, He thought me purpose of my gift in God’s kingdom and I decided to give God my life completely and it’s a sweet experience full of challenges but God is good and his love is everlasting.

What has been your most difficult challenge as a Gospel artist?

It has always been obeying God’s instructions and completely letting him take charge. The most difficult time was MJ Klan diversifying; It was a very painful instruction for me to obey because I had learnt to rely so much on my partner J-Chris. God was just teaching me a lesson that I have to lean on HIM and not my partner

Amazingly beautiful! State three things you like and three things you dislike

1) Music
2) Fashion
3) Companionship
1) politics
2) Company with people who see things as impossible
3) Laziness

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