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Meet Carine K, An Up & Coming Cameroonian Gospel Artist To Watch Out For

Carine K’s Introductory Biography

Born 22/01/1997 is female Cameroonian gospel artist Carine K, who goes by birth name “FORSAB KEDJU CARINE NKENG” The artist who hails from Bamumbu; a locality of Cameroon located in the department of Lebialem and the Southwest Region, currently resides in Douala – Cameroon.

Apart from music, the Afro-pop artist and worship leader works as an audit and management control assistant at CAMEROON UNITED FOREST (CUF). Carine K is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) in Banking and Finance.



A Summary of Carine K’s Academic Portfolio

  • Secondary studies: GBHS NYALA Douala (Form1-5)
  • High school studies: GBHS FONTEM (Lower Sixth)
  • Upper sixth: GHS BATIBO

Carine K’s Salvation Story

Carine K reconciled to Father God (got born again) during her secondary school days when she was in form four. The artist remembers not having the right friends as an adolescent, which resulted in activities like clubbing. Continue Reading Below!

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Gospel artist Carine K shared: “During that period, God saved me from death on 3 different occasions and the 3rd time caught my attention so much that I went back home that evening and did a review of my life, asked myself many questions, evaluated the kind of life I was living and came to realize that I needed Jesus in my life as my personal Lord and savior even though I was going to church. That’s where I took a conscious decision to stop that kind of life and accepting Jesus in my life to be my personal lord and savior.”

Carine K’s Introduction to Music

Carine K shared: “I was very shy and ashamed of my voice and I was always mocked by my friends and classmates for having a big voice like that of a man; this experience made me hate to sing in the midst of people and brought an inferiority complex. After my O/Ls, I moved to Fontem to further my education. While there I always admired the school choir, so I always made sure I watch them practice and will carry their bags most times during their practice sessions.



A year later, my uncle was transferred to Batibo as a principal, we had to relocate to Batibo, where I continued with my academics at GHS Batibo. I can say this is where my passion for music started; I joined the school choir and became the leader and conducted the choir in upper sixth. I thank God so much for the wonderful team I had then because I composed most of the songs which we collectively edited. After my A/Ls I had to move back to Douala to further my education, where I joined the CYF, Congregational choir and lastly the Praise Team of the Presbyterian Church New Town Airport. Continue Reading Below!

One day, I was approached by the music director of the praise team; Mr. Acha Rapheal who heard me sing while cleaning the church auditorium. Mr. Acha Rapheal was impressed by my singing performance and encouraged me to join the Praise Team, which I did. I really appreciate the praise team of the Presbyterian Church New town airport for playing a great role in my growth as a singer. 

Amongst Carine K’s mentors are: H-ONE, Mr. Acha Raphel (Music Director of the praise team NTA Douala) and Apostle SOH Jefferson and his wife Mrs. SOH Lizzette (Carine K’s spiritual Parents)”

The Cameroonian gospel singer who unofficially announced her record deal with H-One is yet to debut her career with her ongoing single production by LYTE Studios. The soon to be released song is part of her winning package during the Talent Hunt organized by LOLWAC in partnership with LYTE Studios.

Like many upcoming artists, Carine K’s challenges have been: funding, promoting and managing her music as an artist and not just as an ‘ordinary church singer’. Carine’s music is all about Jesus; Preaching the gospel about love, righteousness and giving hope through music, with inspirational songs from the Holy Spirit. She believes her musical approach is different from the norm, as she delivers with uniqueness, originality and Christian values.

Carine K’s Views on Gospel music in Cameroon

To Carine K, gospel music in Cameroon has really evolved as compared to 10yrs back when it was clearly seen that it was difficult for Cameroonians to listen to their own. But as of today, things have changed because we have started believing in the gospel artists God is raising in the nation. But she believes more is still to be done like creating platforms to promote Cameroon gospel music in Africa and other continents of the world.



Carine K’s Platforms or events featured in (on)

  • Musical concert organized by Cameroonian gospel artist SHYNS MT which was aimed at raising funds to assist the IDPs from northwest and southwest regions of our country who currently reside in Douala. This concert was held at KINGDOM ASSEMBLY MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL situated at VALLEE BESSENGUE.
  • Worship Concert organized by THE TEKNON WORSHIP COMMUNITY with Min Thomas A.
  • Worship encounters organized by ESCALE DES NATIONS led by Min Kenan
  • Anointing Services led by the PRAISE TEAM NTA DOUALA

Carine K has held a few concerts in Douala which were huge and a blessing to the multitude that attended. Her art has evolved over the years and she credits that to amazing revelations from Father God and the amazing personalities she comes across.

Doing gospel to her was some sort of entertainment but as the years went by it became a passion and her conception changed when God made her understand it’s an instrument she was given to fulfill her purpose here on earth through amazing revelations from the word of God, staying conscious that many souls are awaiting this instrument to bless them.

Carine K’s Ongoing Projects

  • Debut single.
  • Debut musical concert which will take place in Douala.

Carine K’s Long Term Projects

To improve the music industry in Cameroon by creating a platform to encourage gospel ministers thereby enabling the gospel to be spread to all parts of Cameron, Africa and the World at large, raising young talented gospel musicians to the glory of God.

Carine K’s Likes

  • Singing
  • Playing
  • Working

Carine K’s Dislikes

  • Disrespect
  • Idleness

Carine K’s Role models

  • Cece winans
  • Tasha cobbs
  • Sinach
  • Mercy Chinwo
  • Deborah Lukalu
  • Victoria Orenze
  • Thenella
  • and more

Connect with Carine K

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