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Meet 19 Year Old Uprising Cameroonian Gospel Rapper BenyLee

Meet Cameroonian Gospel Rapper BenyLee

The 19 Year Old uprising Cameroonian Gospel Rapper BenyLee  is called Beny Akani by birth. BenyLee is a Cameroonian based gospel rapper, song writer and performing artist. The stage name ‘BenyLee was birthed from his experience throughout life as a young person.

Going through difficult challenges, he suddenly realized at one point in life that God had always been his  shelter protecting him from all sort of evil.  Hence, the name BenyLee and Lee means the side of a hill or a wall that provides shelter.

The young Cameroonian Gospel rapper started gospel rap quite early at the age of 12. Although he had not received Christ when he started he was passionate about what he did and just enjoyed the fulfillment that came with his rap songs.

He encountered Christ at the age of 16 then he had to let go of his previous favorite rappers. KB, Flame, NF and 116 Clique are now some of his favourite gospel artists.

BenyLee’s Vision And Challenges

He caught the vision that gospel music is For God’s glory and so every time he sings or invited to minister in an event he communicates the message that music is God’s and because he is the maker of everything, they all can be used by him and for him.

One of his vision behind the gospel music industry is to shift the mindset that Hip-Hop music is satanic. Making people understand the truth about Hip-Hop music in the gospel milieu. He does all this in order to expand Gospel music in Cameroon.

Like top Gospel artist would talk about their challenges Benylee has likewise had his own share of challenges that came with gospel rap.

He said, “I have had so many challenges as a Christian rapper. It is not really easy, especially in Kamer, Christian Rap seems to be so low. Even some churches and Men of God still condemn it. As a result of this, people don’t pay attention to Christian rappers even those in the church. And so sometimes I feel like every night I spend writing songs is in vain. But then the Holy Ghost always reminds me about the Glory set before me and the Christian Hip-Hop music industry. So I can say God has always been my motivation. And that’s how I overcome every time I feel discouraged”.

BenyLee does not have a manager yet but with the help of his team called ‘City Hill Music‘ he has been able to manage some aspect of his music ministry.

Listen To BenyLee’s Songs

BenyLee has a couple of songs done over the years. His first song ever released is called “Don’t Give Up” featuring Jb Jones.

Followed by his first international collaboration single featuring Zambian Gospel rap artist LB Freeman a song titled “Light Up

Early this year he released “Lion King” featuring his label mate Carely

And lastly a single with the title “Can’t Lose Sight

With a couple of nice songs one would wonder how Bennylee gets his inspiration. In his words he said, “my lyrics are inspired by what I’ve seen and experienced“.

BenyLee’s Best Moment As A Gospel Rapper

BenyLee’s best moment as a minister is when he writes his songs that he feels people are going to connect with. This is so because he always wants his songs to bring healing to the heartbroken, freedom to the captives, peace to those who need it, and the above all the good news to many.

The uprising artist does not really have a role model but he has music mentors that have helped him through the journey. People like Chapitre Cinq, KB and NF have all been of great impact to him.

A Word From BenyLee

To those who aspire to become a gospel rap artist. It is not always going to be easy because there are going to be challenges, difficult moments and a lot of temptations on the journey.

And so if you aspire be an artist you need to first of all make sure that you believe in yourself.

Secondly, believe in the one who gave you the talent. This is important because a lot of artists give up along the way as a result not believing in what they have been called to do.

Believing is beyond saying “i believe in myself”. It is a confirmation in your spirit that you are the song you sing and you are the instrument used not the keyboard.


Gospel rap in Cameroon got a lot of talented Gospel rappers, and great lyricists like Mboko Priest, Chapitre Cinq, Dsaint Livingston, BenyLee and many others. And they all need support and sponsorship. Let all Cameroonian gospel music lovers join as we celebrate and support our own.

Connect with BenyLee

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    Fleurie Cris
    Fleurie Cris
    June 30, 2022 8:36 pm

    I think BenyLee is one of the best Christian Rapper we have here in Cameroon. More Grace to you soldier.

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