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Miss Christian Cameroon & COVID 19 (Coronavirus) – How Is It Affecting Us?

We began this year with great expectations, momentum, and excitement for Miss Christian Cameroon 2020, which ushered us into an official launch and award ceremony in February. Just weeks after opening registration for this year’s edition, we had an unexpected ‘Pandemic visit’, which is not only affecting us; but the world at large. Because we put our MCC community, contestants, and team first, we are joining Parents, the Church, and the Government in all measures taken to #StoptheSpread of Coronavirus.

How does this affect ongoing MCC 2020 registration?

All plans for media and street campaigns that were scheduled to get more registrations have been canceled for now. However, registration is still open and we will keep receiving sign ups regardless, given that it’s free! So no refunds lol.  We encourage you to register if you have not; visit iJesusAfrica.com/mcc2020.

How does this affect Regional preselection (Auditions) & Final?

We can’t give you any accurate information on that for now. Just like you, it is our greatest desire that this pandemic seizes so we can all go back to running our daily affairs. We are not giving up on MCC 2020 yet, and we trust you do not give up as well.

What if the pandemic continues?

You just can’t wish that, do you? Having the pandemic continue is a reality we cannot accept. In fact, as sons and daughters of the Kingdom, we are praying and declaring the heart of Father God over the nations, and God is good always! Our team has not given up yet and we continue to look at ways to push through with MCC 2020.

What can you (reader) do for us?

We will be grateful if you joined us in prayers and continuous outpouring of prophetic words over the nations; while taking into consideration, every precautionary step set by Parents, the Church, and the Government to stay safe and #stopthespread. Wash your hands frequently, have your facemasks on always, sanitize your hands, and keep social distances. We love you!

Feel free to reach our management anytime!

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