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Maureen Forbah’s 3rd Edition E-Concert: What To Watch Out For

You are reading: Maureen Forbah’s 3rd Edition E-Concert: What to watch out for

It is a gospel ministration that will feature high-level praise and worship online live on 237 Showbiz official Facebook page.

Sunday 13th June 2021 is the date to worship and enjoy the presence of God like never before as Minister Maureen Forbah shall be having an E-Concert.

This is the third edition in which the female gospel minister will be thrilling us.

Maureen tells us that “As led by the Holy Spirit, every now and then God instructs us to put a particular content out or to do a particular thing in line with the ministry he has given to me”.

This is the reason why such a concert is coming up at this time.

According to her, obeying the instructions of God is of utmost importance. As God inspires her, she does his will without hesitation!

While a physical gathering is a craving for many believers to exalt the name of the highest, the gospel artist says that holding the event online enables them to be connected in worship and praise to thousands of people at that same time.

Maureen Forbah

Maureen Forbah:
“Sometimes the government puts restrictions on holding events that will gather a lot of people, having an e-concert, still achieves the goal.” These are other reasons for the E-concert.

However, the most important factor is that it will help them to reach a large number of people at the same time.

The audience is called upon to watch out for a guest artist to spice the event. Guess who the artist is…………?? let’s find out during the event.

Humans have needs, struggles, and anxieties but whatever your expectation, be sure as she says “we trust that God will meet you at that point of need”!

The bible says obedience is better than sacrifice.

Maureen Forbah:
“God has instructed, we have obeyed and so his will is definitely going to be fulfilled”!

As a fulfillment of scripture, Maureen is certain that the aftermath impact shall be great as God always does it big and well!

You all are urged to join this next level Praise and Worship Experience, 7pm prompt come June 13th, 2021.

Maureen Forbah:
“I pray that as we worship and praise God this Sunday your life will be blessed exceedingly above what you could ever ask for”.

It’s a request made known to God. Come and experience the bliss.

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You were reading: Maureen Forbah’s 3rd Edition E-Concert: What to watch out for

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