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List Of Appropriate Footwears For The Rainy Season 

Every year In Cameroon, we have rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season can be termed a wet season. According to Cameroon-today, given the topography and geographical location of Cameroon; the climate varies vastly just within a few travel distances.”

“The rainy season in the northern part of Cameroon starts in May and ends in September. The average rainfall per year is between 1,500mm-2000 depending on which part of Cameroon you are.” 

Also, Cameroon-today states “Southern Region can get very humid, with the dry season from November to February and the rainy season from March to June and August to September ( major rainfall)“.

Having the appropriate footwear for the rainy season is essential and eases mobility. Some of these footwears could be purchased at the market or stores. In Cameroon, these Footwears for the rainy season are locally referred to as ‘chang’. Carrying out activities during the rainy season could be challenging and uncomfortable if not having the proper water-resistant yet comfortable footwear to use. Below are some listed options:


These low sandals above for ladies are both comfortable, convenient, and airy for the rainy season.


 These for men are easy to wear, waterproof, and airy which fits the season.


 Boots are a plus for the rainy season. This is also a unisex shoe option. This could be used in a formal and informal event.


Of course, plastic ballerine shoes can be comfortably worn too at this season, as well as being chic in this plastic fashionable slippers.

All in all, wearing waterproof footwears are more comfortable, easy to wash, and durable in the rainy season. Hope these options were helpful. You all have a Blessed week.  Drop a comment below!

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