Interview: US-based Cameroonian Gospel Artist "Sharon Mbi" Minister’s At The INVASION Conference By Sonnie Badu – iJesusAfrica

Interview: US-based Cameroonian Gospel Artist “Sharon Mbi” Minister’s At The INVASION Conference By Sonnie Badu

About The INVASION Conference By Sonnie Badu

THE INVASION”, an annual gospel musical concert whose aim is not only geared towards bringing people from all echelons of society to honor God through worship in Spirit and in truth but also creates an avenue which through the partnership between the Sonnie Badu Ministries and Seasons Initiative will help foster the aspiration to go global with its initiative in reaching out to the diaspora. ~ Source:

The Conference took place in California USA, where Sharon Mbi was opportune to lead a band of other worship leaders.

This privilege was acknowledged by the said artist, and in an interview with iJesusAfrica, the artist revealed the following…

Sharon Mbi
Sharon Mbi

iJA: So how was this mind-blowing program?

Sharon Mbi: It was a good program. I was impressed by the number of people who were present, considering that we are still just coming out of a pandemic season.

iJA: How was the experience as a minister, mounting a stage like that for the first time?

Sharon Mbi: It was truly amazing! It was a great privilege and a blessing for me to have been given the opportunity to serve as the worship leader for Dr. Sonnie Badu’s INVASION Conference in California USA.

iJA : How can you evaluate the impact you did in that program?

Sharon Mbi: I was the worship leader for the conference. I had to lead worship, work with a band of musicians as well as book other worship ministers, and also coordinate the overall worship experience for the 2-day program.

This entailed coordinating practice sessions, paying the musicians, and making sure that they worked well with the music ministers I had booked. I also acted like a cohost in this program coordinating the overall flow of the program.

iJA: it is believed when a minister of the gospel releases power, there is refilling from the spirit; so how do you feel now compared to the Sharon Mbi before INVASION?

Sharon Mbi: The most important change I have noticed in myself is a leveling up in my confidence. I believe that I feel more confident and secure about putting together a worship music event of my own.

I was planning my very first worship night called “Worship War Win with Sharon Mbi” when Dr. Sonnie Badu’s management reached out to me. I had to put my own event on hold as I had planned it for July 24th, 2021.

My team and I had already made flyers and booked the hall. However, I must admit, after putting together the worship segment for Dr. Sonnie Badu’s conference, I am very confident about launching Worship War Win live with Sharon Mbi in California someday.

I strongly believe that the Holy Spirit orchestrated for me to serve Dr. Badu at the INVASION to prepare me for my own WORSHIP WAR WIN.

Sharon Mbi_team
Sharon Mbi & the team

iJA: After the program, as a minister what message did you take back home?

Sharon Mbi: I was able to discover that God is right when he tells us in the bible that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Philippians 4:13

iJA: Based on findings, your ministration plays a big role in deliverance from spirit spouses and sometimes depression, so how did this help the program INVASION?

Sharon Mbi: Yes, indeed it does. Whenever I am given the opportunity to minister, I like to share my own testimony concerning these issues as well as praying for those who may be struggling in these areas.

I am always very deliberate about commanding any such spirits to leave those whom I am ministering to according to Jesus’s command in Mathew 10:8, which tells us to cast out demons; so, during the INVASION by Dr. Sonnie Badu, I did just that!

As I ministered, I addressed and prayed for those who were struggling with depression, anxiety, or spirit spouses. You can find highlights of the conference on my YouTube channel and while you are there I would be blessed if you would subscribe to my channel as this would bless my ministry.

Also, if you struggle in any of the areas I have mentioned above and you need someone to talk to you can directly message me via my Facebook page @ “Sharon Mbi Page” or my Instagram @ “sharon_mbi”

iJA: Again, you are the first Cameroonian to be acknowledged by Sonnie Badu, tell us the feeling, do you count it as a favor since you were spotted with Dr. Sonnie Badu when he prayed for your daughter or a divine arrangement?

Sharon Mbi: It is really a great feeling. Dr. Badu is one of the great pacesetters in the world of African Gospel Music, he has broken through cultural and global barriers and brought great respect around the globe to African Gospel music.

Also, for a couple of years now Dr. Sonnie Badu has been operating heavily under the Pastoral unction and pastors a very successful church in Atlanta Georgia called the ROCKHILL CHURCH.

It is a great privilege for me to have on my resume that I was booked to be his worship leader at one of his INVASION conferences.

Yes, I do see it as a divine arrangement. You may go to one of his events but never get a chance to meet him personally let alone be prayed for and asked to serve as his worship leader for one of his conferences. By God’s grace, I have had the rare privilege of experiencing all the above.

Sharon Mbi_with_mic
Sharon Mbi Ministering

iJA: With the theme of this program “Manifestation” how was the manifestation like during this program?

Sharon Mbi: The program was great! Lives were touched and the Holy Spirit moved and there are great testimonies. Amongst many other testimonies for example is the testimony of a Pastor who testified that after Dr. Badu prayed over him, he is now able to wake up at 12 am and pray into the late morning hours, something he was never able to do before.

Testimonies like this one really give me joy because there is nothing sweeter than when a human being is released to connect to the Father and truly enjoy an intimate relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

Accurate prophesies and words of knowledge were released, and God’s children were blessed.

iJA: Do you see yourself mounting bigger stages after this?

Sharon Mbi: Well, I would not say bigger stages, but I would say I see myself mounting all the stages that God has placed in my destiny from when he created me. None of them shall pass me by in Jesus’s name.

iJA: INVASION, MANIFESTATION, Powerful words! So, what would your last words be concerning these two words in relation to the program that you want readers should know?

Sharon Mbi: I am so blessed that the Holy Spirit came to our community in Los Angeles California and invaded our lives through Dr. Sonnie Badu and manifested his power by stirring up the people to worship Jesus Christ.

God blessed and refresh us with words of prophecy, deliverance, and the word of God as evidenced by testimonies of those who were present. I am forever grateful that I was deemed worthy by God and Dr. Sonnie Badu to serve as the worship leader for this great event.

We have come to the end of our exclusive interview with Sharon Mbi, the US-Based Cameroonian Gospel Artist/Minister who was opportune to lead a band of other worship leaders at the INVASION Conference By Sonnie Badu. Let us get your feedback on the comment section below, CLICK TO COMMENT!


Sharon Mbi on YouTube

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