Discovering great gospel artistry is IJesusAfrica’s No1 priority. Today, we are pleased to share with you an exclusive Q&A session with Canada based Cameroonian  Artist & Producer Afuhmbom.

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Who is Afuhmbom

First off, I’d like to thank you for this opportunity. Feel honoured to be doing this interview with you.

Timothy “Afuhmbom” Ndongndeh is a 27 year old Cameroonian born, Canada-based Afro-soul/RnB Singer/songwriter/Producer and Co-founder of Two World creatives, a Calgary based Arts collective with a mission to “Make the world we envision, the one we live in“,Through meaningful and transformational art.

What will you say 2018 was to your music career?

2018 was a trying “Just do it” year for me, it was my year of Faith. I tend to be a perfectionist, which is both a blessing and curse, so I told myself It’s time to stop planning/waiting for the best moment and just hand everything to God and execute.

How do you categorize yourself as an artist?

I’m a believer first, Musician second and Artist third. So that’s always been tricky for me. I just make authentic art, with a touch of soul. I have a heart for reaching hurting people, so it’s important to me that whatever I create has meaning.


How do you measure success as an artist?

There are several ways, but I’ll focus on the three most important factors to me:
1) Walking in purpose, which ties in with my second point
2)Just doing it! Can’t tell you how many of us have let potential die because of self doubt, critics, etc. If you wake up, create, share with the people…then you’re already successful.
2) Being able to contribute to my micro and macro community. I need to be able to take care of my family and give back to my community. If you’re an Artist doing this already, you’re successful.

How will the next two years be for your music career?

Only God knows, but I have no doubt there’ll be lots of learning, creating and mentoring involved.

 Which 3 Cameroonian Gospel Artists do you listen to on a frequent?

LP Lekingson (he’s special and very unique), Highest Praise International (shout out to Bob and the team of worshippers), last two are ties – Prosper Menko and Ronnel Valerie.

Who are the artist on your “Work With” Wish list?

Of the top I’d say LP Lekingson, Ronnel Valerie, Prosper Menko, Highest Praise International, Hillsong Worship and Bethel Music, Magasco, Chick Nick, Salatiel, Locko, Daphne, Natalie Lauren, Gawvi, Andy Mineo, Lecrae, For King and Country

Whats in stock for the upcoming months?

We’ll be releasing some Singles with the Two World Creatives team, alongside an EP.


How is your experience with “Christian Living” on a daily bases?

For me, It’s a constant battle to crucify self and live in the highest standard that God expects. I’m very thankful for grace!

How’s it been for you, being a Cameroonian gospel artist, based in the diaspora?

I wouldn’t label myself as a “Gospel Artist,” I’m more Inspirational. And it’s been challenging, but I also feel honored to be a vessel of hope to people. I also have an amazing team/family at Two World Creatives whom I work with, so that really helps.

What are the different strategies u have been applying, or aim to apply in other to have your music penetrate Cameroon’s gospel industry???

Ooooo, good one. Strategy talks should be over coffee or tea😉

Which other Cameroonian gospel artist are based in the Diaspora, And are you looking forward to working with them?

Off the top, I know of only Pandita Njoh. Would love to write with her someday

Which book are you currently reading?

Reading: The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in love with the God Jesus knows by James Bryan Smith & Hearing God’s voice by Henry and Richard Blackaby simultaneously. Great books!

We noticed you are a music producer, tell us about that side of your career?

Yeah, I started off as just a beat maker in 2013 and have been doing that ever since, I recently just got into full Music production though about a year ago, due to necessity haha… I produce mostly soul, rnb, trap, dance Afro-pop and hip hop music.


We must say your single “Jake’s Story” is such a beautiful piece; share with us the inspiration behind the song

Thank you so much. That’s one of my all time favorites, because of the story.

The song was inspired by a conversation I had with Jake; a then homeless young man, whom I met summer of 2016, in downtown Calgary. What’s amazing is that Jake gave me a gift; the much needed inspiration which I needed to write, but I had nothing to give him, except my time. Though we both came from two separate backgrounds, I could resonate with Jake’s story, and so thought others would too.

We lost contact soon after the encounter, but I decided that a portion of all Digital music sales will go towards supporting a homeless shelter in Calgary and to assisting displaced civilians, affected by the ongoing crisis in Cameroon.

Shout out to my brother’s Jake, Mayowa (who is featured on the track), MD Lyonga and Ben Laughland, for helping me tell this story.


How can people connect with you, to follow up on your music and updates?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @Afuhmbom

All streaming platforms: Spotify, AppleMusic, etc.

YouTube: Two World Creatives


I love connecting with people, feel free to shoot me a message.!

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