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Insights: Rochie Osvalin Talks Forthcoming “Cameroon Music Ministers Conference” With Marvel Joks

Cameroon Gospel Music Ministers are set to meet for a gospel music conference to fellowship and learn from a renowned Nigerian Gospel Minister, Marvel Joks.

In an interview with one of the ministers and organizer Rochie Osvalin, he had the following revelation to tell us about this mega program that brings in ministers like Prosper Menko, Emma Gospel, Elizabeth Tekeh, Evangelist Nervers, Daddy Bob, Atong Tas, Kadmiel, Gashu Miya, H One and G4.



iJA: Why a Gospel Music Conference, what is the vision behind it?

Rochie Osvalin: Gospel Music is a delicate sector of ministry and most at times Pastors go through training, Bible school seminars, Workshops, and conferences for training, retraining, quickening, and sharpening.

A conference of this nature presents a platform for all of that for music ministers, It’s said that learning never stops, It equally presents a platform for exchanges and Questions and Answers sessions.

Cameroon Music Ministers Conference

Cameroon Music Ministers Conference

iJA: Why Marvel Joks?

Rochie Osvalin: Evangelist Marvel Joks is a seasoned vessel who has ministered and done ministry at the highest levels, he represents a mature and experienced voice for training and speaking at a conference of this magnitude.

As a matter of fact, he personally initiated this conference, he has also put in a lot of resources and made a lot of sacrifices to come to do this in our nation.

It’s humbling that a minister of his capacity will pay his flight among many other things to come be a blessing to a conference. Personally, I think it’s rare, Sir Rochie responded.

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iJA: Apart from the faces on the flyer, who are to be expected?

Rochie Osvalin: Actually we expect different music ministers from all spectrums. The faces on the flyer are to at least get a minister in every major city to affect or influence the attendance of ministers from that city. It was in no way to minimize anyone.

We just used representatives from different cities and genres. So we truly expect all ministers (vocalists, instrumentalists, recording artists, performing artists, song leaders, songwriters, and music directors, Pastors, music Promoters), etc.

iJA: In as much as is a spiritual event, skill-wise what package should Gospel Ministers; both old and new expect to take home?

Rochie Osvalin: Our international guest Evangelist Marvel Joks made it clear that there’s something specific the Lord was asking him to come to say to the Ministers in Cameroon, I feel that message among other things will be what we will take home.

iJA: Any International Force or National in terms of funds and organization? because this is a great initiative.

Rochie Osvalin: Every external fund has come from him (Marvel Joks), actually it’s humbling. He sent money to pay for the hall, sound, and he equally handles his flight ticket. It’s actually humbling! Though it’s not every aspect of the program, I think he has done a lot!

iJA: What change do you envisage that this Conference will bring in the Cameroon Gospel Music Industry?

Rochie Osvalin: My greatest cry is that as we meet may we understand that we are weapons in the hands of the Almighty and be refired and become more effective and efficient for kingdom purposes and advancements.

Cameroon Music Ministers Conference

Cameroon Music Ministers Conference

iJA: If you are to talk about the level of engagement of gospel Ministers based on this program, Will you say there will be a massive turnout?

Rochie Osvalin: From the feedback, I have gotten I hope so! But I pray the people who have given their word turn up because it’s one thing to say I will be there and it’s another thing to be there.

iJA: What is that which you think has not been asked, that you think is important to mention?

Rochie Osvalin: Hahahahahaha! Anyway, I think the questions are good… However, I want to encourage every minister to attend this meeting. [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]Registration again is 1000 FRS and 5000 FRS (you get Evangelist Marvel Joks book “What no one told you about Music”). There are equally t-shirts for 5000 FRS[/quotes]

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iJA: So what is your last word for readers of

Rochie Osvalin: I appreciate iJesusAfrica for the work they do for Gospel Music in our country. For the readers, thanks for supporting everyone involved in Gospel Music in different ways; your contributions mean a lot.


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