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Inside of Me is The Spirit to Recommend TLC to Every Cameroonian, “Triple Light” Shares With Much Excitement

Few months after The Light Conference 2020 with Apostle Lefor Divine, one of our editors @LP Lekingson reaches out to some of the participants, to hear what they have to say about TLC 2020, and what the future holds for them. Join us as we talk with Triple Light on today’s edition.

Who are you and What do you do??

My name is Paul-Gerald musically known as Triple-Light. I’m an afro gospel music artist, a movie writer, and an actor. As a matter of fact, an exco member in charge of discipline within Meme actor’s guild. I started music as a career in 2017, and I have been an instrumentalist in the church for years now.

Is this your 1st year attending TLC ?? If it wasn’t, what was your experience with this year’s as compared to last year’s?

However, THE LIGHT CONFERENCE 2020 brought me to lamb light as it was my first time attending the conference and it was the highest platform for me all through my musical career; A kind of platform I used to only see in foreign countries. Sincerely, it was an experience worth many testimonies.

Why did you attend TLC 2020 ???

The truth is, even before attending TLC 2020, I had heard of its blossom flame from previous participants. So, I told myself; whatever it takes, I have to gain this awesome experience for the benefit of knowledge and connections for a future on eagle’s wings.



What were your expectations about TLC 2020?? Were they met??

Aforementioned, I had a lot of expectations such as benefiting knowledge, experiencing new talents to elevate my spirit, and equally making new connections. As a matter of fact, I got more than my expectations.

Would you recommend TLC to anyone?? If yes, what are your reasons??

Inside of me is the spirit to recommend TLC to every Cameroonian home or abroad with reasons being that together we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall. And above all, it’s a platform that portrays God’s Glory and enlightens the minds of the new generation. Therefore, as a patriotic citizen, I have as a burden to encourage and promote.



What advice will you give to someone who’s eager to be part of TLC??

Furthermore, with the force of patriotism, I have any advice for those eager to attend the next edition. “Please, be focused, accept challenges and grow, believe in yourself, and pray endlessly for the favor of God for allocation” TLC is real and powerful.

Would you still be part of TLC 2021???

With sincerity, I wish TLC was twice a year because I can’t just wait for the next edition to meet with new more talents, new friends, connections, and spiritual growth.

What do you plan on doing with the networks you got via TLC?

To tell you the truth, with the network gotten from the recent edition, I’m proud to say I got new dreams, new plans, and most importantly, wealth has visited me due to the teachings gotten from the morning sessions.

 What opportunities presented themselves for you?? What do you plan on doing with them??



Talking about opportunities, I will like to say, this program did not only elevate me musically but, it has given me new business ideas, new methods of career marketing, and psychological expansion. To prove the impact of TLC on me, I will like to say, I came to the 2020 edition on foot, trust me next year I’m coming with my own personal car “not moto”.

How can our readers connect with you?

Well, to every reader who may like to connect with me, you can get me

  • on Facebook as @Triple Light Music
  • on YouTube as @Triple Light.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Whatsapp and calls:+237670599455

Once again, thanks for the time spent with me. God bless you.

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