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I’m Born Again, What Next?

Being Born Again is the beginning of your relationship with God, but it does not end there.

There are deliberate steps you need to engage in to build a stable and lasting relationship with God.

Now, don’t think that this is going to be a long list of DOs and DON’Ts.

Far from that! This article is a little guide to get you started on your walk with God.

It’s going to be an amazing journey. Let’s plunge in.

1. Born Again? Desire to Grow

Only a hungry man gets really fed.

Desire is what gets you fed and ever needing more of God as a Born Again Christian.

The bible talks about a man called Paul, who wrote the major epistles in the New Testament.

He got matured in no time after his encounter with Christ because of a strong desire.

Growth begins from a place of a personal decision to grow.

If you are Born again, and you are reading this article it only means that you want to begin your Christian journey and this will have to begin from a place of desire.

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Ask yourself how much do I desire to grow?

I’m I ready to fully engage in my relationship with God?

2. Build A Quality Relationship With A Christian Family

Build a quality relationship with a Christian family

Build a quality relationship with a Christian family

Birds of the same feather flock together, and this is true for your Christian walk as well.

If you want to grow in God, you should have a company of friends who know God.

It is advisable to have friends who challenge you in your walk with God.

You want to pray more?

Get a prayer partner and be accountable to them.

No relationship leaves you remaining neutral.

There must be a rub-off of character and values.

3. Have A Consistent Study Life

Have a consistent study life

Have a consistent study life

One way to communicate to God and know his mind is through the Bible.

The Bible is a mirror that shows the image of who we really are in Christ.

Rom 12:2 made it clear that transformation begins from the renewing of the mind through the word.

Start with a study schedule that will be convenient for you daily.

4. Build A Prayer Life

Prayer changes the man that prays.

This is very essential in our walk with God because it sharpens our spirit man to receive actively from God.

Prayer also builds your bond with God.

Just as a strong communication keeps our relationship with spouses or friends more intimate, it is also necessary to build intimacy with God.

Having read through, I believe you have an idea on how to begin this beautiful journey with God.

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