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Has MTN Cameroon Mobile Money Service Been Truly Hacked? | How To Avoid Mobile Money Hacks

Following recent social media claims of MTN Cameroon Mobile Money Service Been Hacked; with random persons claiming to have lost money from their accounts, this article will be of interest to you. Read Below!

Everything being equal, It is only possible to have your MTN Cameroon Mobile Money account hacked when you make confirm withdrawals.  The only way out here is to exercise caution. you must ensure you carefully read all notifications and make a confirmation on the source of your message before inserting your pin.

“The problem is not MTN, the problem is the USER…”

To reiterate, it is not possible to experience a deduction from your MTN Cameroon Mobile Money account without haven’t validated a transaction. Secondly, it is abnormal that the receiving account where money has been deducted from is untraceable. This is the claim of many as they say MTN Cameroon has not been able to track the receiving accounts. For now, there is no certainty as to whether the claims of MTN Cameroon Mobile Money being hacked is true or false. However, there are a few measures you can employ to secure your account at your personal level. Continue Reading Below!

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How to avoid MTN Cameroon Mobile Money hack 

Don’t trust even mobile money Agents with your pin

In the case where you have to renew your pin be wise enough to change your pin after leaving the office. Leaving the office with the same pin that was given to you puts you at risk of having your account being accessed.
You cannot afford to trust Mobile money agents who as humans could be tempted to take advantage of your vulnerability. You must think wisely and remember the Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct. None is to be trusted, except Jesus Christ. Father God entrusted our redemption in Christ’s hands… 😌

Be careful when validating things

Also, there are times when in the course of a transaction, a popped up message suffices asking you to complete a recently interrupted transaction by inserting your pin? Now, this is very risky and it one of those ways hackers get to assess your account.

This is how they do it

Firstly, they request a withdrawal from tons of numbers, and some fall into the trap of inserting their pin. Secondly, they request a withdrawal and send you a text saying you just earned a reward or come up with some news and ask you to dial *126# and insert your pin to claim it. It may look stupid to fall into this but it’s possible given that many don’t take time to read. Also, many people haven’t learned the need to exercise great caution with their Pins.

You could be vulnerable

Some online research reveals that linking your momo account with platforms like Pursa BTC exchange makes you vulnerable. You may want to be careful when it comes to validating things, on your mobile or computer device. Also, you must be mindful of the platforms or banks you connect your Mobile Money account with…

Trust but don’t trust

Trust the security of your mobile network understand their communication, policies Nonetheless, be careful because hackers could break into their system and empty your account with your own assistance. if you don’t know how the system of the network you subscribe to operates, hackers may prey on you. In some cases, people receive a call saying “we are calling from XXXX, we are updating our privacy policy and will need you to dial *126# and confirm with your pin…

Do not be greedy

Lastly, do not find delight in “chopping” money that’s not yours. na greed di cuz all this wahala!

My Advice

Commit your account and business into God’s hands. It is not God’s will that you lose money. The Bible says in all you do acknowledge him. When you save your money, let it be in his hands. this is because, if God caters for your property you can certainly sleep knowing that all is in control. Even if people lose money your case certainly will be different.

If you have been a victim, just trust in Father God’s restoration plan 👉 Isaiah 61:7 🕺


In securing terms “we call this a vulnerability”. Most successful hacks (90%) come from within an organization. The MTN mobile money service is not just comprised of “CODE” alone but of service agents and those who have access to the service functionality. In simple terms, The MTN Mobile Money Services has a vulnerability. So you the end-user should take all security precautions to safeguard your data and money.

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