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Hair Growth Secrets No One Told You About

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You are reading: Hair Growth Secrets No One Told You About

So many girls and women struggle daily to boost their hair growth and make it lustrous, healthy and shiny, the natural way. I believe in natural hair care and if you do too, try out this amazing hair gel recipe that can give you the silkiest and softest hair ever and boost hair growth too at the comfort of your home.


  • 12 Pieces of Okra
  • 2 Cups of water

Kitchen utensils

  • Pot
  • Container

Alright, so it’s time to do your homemade okra gel for your natural hair.

Put water in a pot, a considerable amount equivalent to the quantity of okra.

Add in the fresh sliced okra, olive.

You need to slice the okra so as to make sure it is free of any bugs and worms that could sometimes be found inside them. Also, make sure okra you use is organic for better outcome and quality.

Let the water boil for a while and reduce in amount. Once you find the water getting sticky and thick, turn off the flame and let it cool.

Sieve the sticky fluid and there you have your okra gel. After shampooing, apply the gel all over your scalp and hair and massage.

Rinse off and do not shampoo. Let your hair air dry.

Good news too, you can use it as a styling gel and it is amazing.
Simple and chic.

I am sure you might also want to know benefits of this okra hair gel. Okra hair gel is;

Rich in vitamins, magnesium and folate.

Rich in amino acids that nourish and give your hair an all-natural protein treatment.

Forms a protective and reflecting layer on your hair that makes your hair frizz-free, silky and super shiny.

Nourishes hair follicles, reduces hair breakage and makes hair stronger.

All of this contributes to healthy hair growth. You want to try it, it’s a great decision.

And there you have it, simple but worthwhile.

You are reading: Hair Growth Secrets No One Told You About

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