Gospel Rapper 'Chapitre Cinq' Joins 'Zita Light' On Her Ongoing 'Lamentation Series' | Nsankwi 5 – iJesusAfrica iJesusAfrica.com

Gospel Rapper ‘Chapitre Cinq’ Joins ‘Zita Light’ On Her Ongoing ‘Lamentation Series’ | Nsankwi 5

This year has been a fruitful one for Cameroonian gospel artist and philanthropist ‘Zita Light‘, launching her ongoing successful musical series captioned ‘The Lamentation Project‘. The series has featured 5 episodes already, including Nsankwi 5, which was released days ago. Watch Below!

Nsankwi 5 is the 5th episode of the ongoing Lamentation Project by ZitaLight and features one of Cameroon’s Best Gospel Rappers Chapitre Cinq.

Nsankwi 5 treats the most controversial themes of life, which is The Love For Money, and exposes how the love/obsession for money has brought mankind to a place of disaster; Laments how this has taken man to A place where human value is lower than money-making.

The Heart of Man is so overtaken by the love for money that it has become so desperately Wicked.

Click Here To Watch Previous Episodes!

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