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Gospel Artist “Super” Talks GMM Project And Her Recent Song “Soldier”

You Are Reading: Gospel Artist “Super” Talks GMM Project And Her Recent Song “Soldier”

iJesusAfrica recently had a little chat with Cameroonian uprising female gospel artist Super on the GMM Project and her recent song titled Soldier. Read on!

IJA: Can you tell us about the launch of the song Soldier that recently took place? What was it all about? What exactly was launched and for what purpose?

Super: The song, Soldier, is part of a GMM project that involves Nigeria in collaboration with Cameroon. Twenty gospel music ministers were selected for the project and I was privileged to be among them.

The mega album was launched in Nigeria before the launching in Cameroon precisely in Bamenda on the 6th of June. It was a beautiful Holy Ghost-filled launch with cream of worship and praise songs.

After the launch, my team and I decided to put the song on YouTube so those following Super as an individual, can listen.


IJA: This is interesting.
Do tell us more about the GMM project.

Super: GMM stands for Gospel Ministaiment Ministry. As aforementioned, it is basically a Nigerian platform networking with a few countries to spread the gospel through songs.

In Cameroon, the GMM leader is Pastor Cosmos. It also ensures that through the spread, the sales are shared amongst the artists.

IJA: Amazing. Tell us about “Super”. Is that your stage name? Tell us about yourself.


Super: I am called Nchia Mildred Kwala with stage name Super. Super is from “Supernatural”. I have been called Super even before I started my musical career.

IJA: What about the song, Soldier? Is there a personal story behind the writing or release of the song?

Super: Truly, my life has known a lot of challenges, and in one of those challenges, I told myself ” I am Soldier.” I’m not giving up. Then at some point, I switched to that old chorus: “Heavenly race, I no go tire

IJA: That is powerful! The launch was on the 6th of June and the official release was on the 11th. What are your expectations?

Super: I have one goal, to encourage the saints not to give up. We are on a pilgrimage and the finish line is meeting Jesus and being welcomed with a “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

IJA: How can one have access to this song? Where can we access the song?

Super: On YouTube via this link HERE! and CDs are also available.

IJA: What is the greatest difficulty you have faced firstly With Soldier and secondly as a gospel music minister and how have you overcome in both cases?

Super: This particular project didn’t have any serious challenges. I had real challenges with the “I’m in Love” Video. The data got missing and we had to reshoot.

However, we have some difficulties in marketing our songs. Most churches prefer to use songs from Nigeria in praise and worship.

Our songs “Godhead”, “None like our God” and “Glorious” are good for worship. As an unsigned artist, I have to raise money for recording and video shoots and it’s not easy. I get financial support from a few but it’s still not easy.

By the time you are done recording and shooting, doing media tours, etc, you are already so tired.

IJA: Do you have any piece of advice for youths wanting to venture into the Gospel music industry?

Super: Yes! Passion! Be passionate about what you do. Don’t let your focus be money. Money will come but you will have to be patient. Never forget why you are singing in the first place. Remember it’s all about Jesus and not you.

IJA: Thank you very much, Super. We are very delighted that you granted us this interview. Any closing words for us?

Super: My first ever interview is with your platform and it’s unforgettable. I’m so grateful for all you are doing for the Gospel Music industry. We are grateful.

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You Were Reading: Gospel Artist “Super” Talks GMM Project And Her Recent Song “Soldier”

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