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“God Is Greater Than COVID 19”: Prosper Menko On His Newest Single ‘You Are Great’ – A Call For Originality

Hello iJesusAfricans, and Happy New Month! We had an opportunity to interview award-winning Cameroonian gospel artist/minister Prosper Menko on his newest Single ‘You Are Great‘ – the inspiration, and how it comments on COVID 19. The artist shared his experience working with Cameroonian music producers ‘Big Joe‘ and ‘Cornel‘, and shares great insight! Read below, do well to drop a comment, and follow Prosper Menko!

Before we talk about ‘You Are Great’, What’s your background?

Well, I am Prosper Menko as many may know from the Northwest region of Cameroon. A bonafide son of God in service of the King. I always like to put it like that! I come from a family of talents – my late dad was a Musician and also a civil servant; I think from him I drew the passion for music and the drive to keep going on. My name MENKO was inspired by my relationship with my father, which gave birth to the cultural side of my music also (you will see more in my future releases)

What inspires your creative process, and what exactly inspired your newly released song ‘You Are Great’?

Now, what inspires me most of the time is the Holy Spirit, which is my main man at every given point in time; He is always talking and sending fresh ideas and projects my way and I am so grateful for that. Most times these ideas come in are when I am traveling, praying, or working! and the ideas I get in prayer are more profound; Urgh!

You are great is the first piece of many in a particular direction, from my long time urge to give Cameroon a voice when it comes to praise and worship. I realized that in our churches when it comes to music, we turn to popular songs especially from our neighboring brothers and sisters (Nigerians) most of the times and that has had me thinking – is it that we don’t get inspired with praise and worship songs or we just want to take from our neighbors. You may SKIP the following Adverts to continue reading below…

After a series of thoughts on this, I realized we the Cameroonian music ministers haven’t really brought something tangible to the table for review; so I decided to change that. Amazingly, the song You Are Great has been on rotation in my church’s branches (Christ Embassy) all around Cameroon for several years now, and many people don’t know it was written by one of us. They have indeed been blessed by it and I couldn’t restrict it to my church members only because there are a lot more people out there who want to praise and worship God in diversity. That’s why my team and I decided to produce this piece.

I want us to take this as a challenge and get songs which we can sing to comfortably in the church; to God in all honesty, and I bet Cameroonian Praise and worship will never be the same. You may SKIP the following video to continue reading below…

Tell us about the production process; working with ‘Cornel’ and the rest of the production team.

When I got this song in 2012, (yes it’s that long I wrote it) it was difficult getting a producer to properly bring out the right sound and color to the song, which got me discouraged. This experience for some people will retard their writing drive, but it didn’t for me because we have been singing it in church.

I called Cameroonian music producer ‘BIG JOE‘ earlier this year because the spirit of God told me it’s time to produce You Are Great, and I knew BIG JOE was probably going to bring it out perfectly this time. I wasn’t comfortable with any producer working on it based on what I had heard from their previous works but since the spirit of God told me its time I thought maybe I go for him then that’s when I got the surprise from God. You may SKIP the following Download button to continue reading below…

Download “Prosper Menko - You Are Great” Prosper-Menko-You-are-Great.mp3 – Downloaded 278 times – 7 MB

BIG JOE immediately booked a meeting for ‘Cornel‘ and I, which wowed me because most producers would not be this selfless to let another producer do a job brought to them. I remember BIG JOE told me this song will be best produced by Cornel and little did I know God had it all planned out already! Then I was like “why didn’t I think of this before!” lol…

Working with my guy Cornel was awesome. In fact, it’s always awesome working with him – it wasn’t two of us only, we had BIG JOE on the project as well. He so loved the song; for we had performed it together some time back. Amongst the great minds on the project were ‘Blaise Strings‘ who played the guitars in the song and ‘Caleb’ who played the bass. The whole project was a live rendition and I can’t wait to do a stage performance for this song – it will be better, wait for it.

The song ‘You Are Great‘ sounds unique and different from your other releases. What gives it this unique sound?

Well, You Are Great is quite new and unique in sound and idea as compared to my other songs previously released, and there are many like that in my directory, which you will soon learn about; and like I said earlier, it’s a new sound to give a better perspective to praise and worship in Cameroon. Its music for the church, by the church. Expect a lot more not just from me but from other ministers… watch out world, we are coming!

How does this new song comment on the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic?

Well, for the current issues in the world right now, I will refer to the bible and it says “Matthew 6:33 King James Version (KJV)  – But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you“.… and it also says “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus“.These make us understand we wrestle not against flesh and blood, for our fight is not physical. All we should do therefore is to PRAISE and WORSHIP GOD, trusting he will do the rest. As the song says you are great – God is indeed greater than COVID 19 so keep declaring, for he said in his word “GREATER IS HE THAT’S IN US THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD

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