Frank Edwards: 'Dude Went From Marlians Control The Crowd To "If You Love Jesus Christ"' – iJesusAfrica

Frank Edwards: ‘Dude Went From Marlians Control The Crowd To “If You Love Jesus Christ”‘

While checking Frank Edwards‘ IG feed, I noticed this intriguing post he made. While many find it “UnGodly” I personally find it “On Godly” lol. Only God could make this possible!

For those who don’t know who a Marlian is, here is a short definition according to a google search result “A marlian is any real follower of the controversial Nigerian singer,Naira Marley.A marlian must love a controversial lifestyle, caring less of what anyone says about you.A marlian must have no mannaz!

From the definition above, you can tell why to some persons, Frank Edwards should not have endorsed the video below. An IG user Commented “I’m Sha not okay with this ooo. Our songs should be for ‘weldone thou good and faithful servant’ not for man’s approval. Mixing light and darkness doesn’t work. My apologies!” and Big bro Frank replied “why do we keep condemning ppl why ?’ Is that how to win souls?” Watch the video below or Click Here To Watch and let us know what you think!

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Hi, Awesome read right?


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