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FEATURED: Fuhnwi Will Be One Of Your Most Admired Gospel Artists, Here Is Why!

You Are Reading: FEATURED: Fuhnwi Will Be One Of Your Most Admired Gospel Artists, Here Is Why!

“My message is that no matter the situation, irrespective of the storms of life; God is our sure anchor, our refuge, and our strength.” ~ Fuhnwi.

Many human beings are by nature musical beings. This is especially the case in Africa where we grow up immersed in music from the home to the streets, to cultural ceremonies to the church.

Cameroonian Gospel artist and songwriter Fuhnwi has always been an avid lover of music prior to his reconciliation with Jesus Christ.

His love for music finds its roots in his secondary school days where he served as a choir member in his local church then.

During this period, Fuhnwi was equally a traditional drummer in a cultural group, and he took it upon himself to get a mastery of the piano; even though that was for a short time, due to a lack of adequate support.

However, gospel artist Fuhnwi was ushered into the music ministry/industry; by the Holy Spirit through a vision in 2018.

A Background Story By Fuhnwi

On the night of the eave of Easter Sunday 2018, I was in divine fellowship receiving from God His message to deliver to his people of the church, in which by God’s grace I was serving.

God showed me a vision of Him using me to minister to His people and across the world through music. The Holy Spirit instantly gave me the song “He has resurrected me”.

Easter Sunday was so wonderful as we sang and danced from our hearts and spirits to the glory of God through the song God had given to me the previous night.

After the service, the pastor urged me to go to the studio immediately and that was the beginning of the album “Testify“.

God has been inspiring me since then through the Holy Spirit with a vast repertoire of songs, some of which appear in the album by divine guidance. That was the official start of my music ministry.

Reading so far, it is only obvious that Fuhnwi has an unashamed relationship with Father God, as he publicly professes:

I have been saved by our Lord Jesus Christ for close to 10 years and living the new life of God’s abundant grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Galatians 2:20). I live a life that is righteousness-conscious and not just sin-focused, dwelling on the dominion we have in Jesus Christ.

He continued by admitting that, Reconciliation with Father God through Christ Jesus has been a beautiful experience, though really challenging.

To him, it is a victorious race with high and low moments; as he blesses God for putting people on his path who help him grow spiritually.

There are many trials and temptations involved when you decide to follow Jesus Christ and also when you decide to dedicate yourself to be a servant of God.

These obstacles are spiritual in nature with physical manifestations. However, when we come to Jesus Christ and live in the new covenant, we are more than conquerors and all things work together for our good.” ~ Fuhnwi

Music minister Fuhnwi, who goes by the birth name Denis Fuh, originally from Cameroon and currently resides in Kampala – Uganda.

Also known as a humanitarian worker, Fuhnwi read Linguistics at first-degree level, human rights, and peace/conflict studies at the Masters level. He did his studies in both Cameroon and Europe.

The prolific gospel artist acknowledges Jesus Christ as his greatest mentor who leads and inspires him through the Holy Spirit;

not forgetting several people far and near whom he has drawn and still draws great inspiration from.

These include evangelists, pastors, teachers, music ministers, intercessors, and brethren in Christ.

Gospel artist Fuhnwi believes the music the Holy Spirit exhales through him is not out to compete but to complement those who are genuinely seeking to portray and propagate Jesus Christ and God’s kingdom.

As Jesus Christ, our Master said, ” The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” ( Matthew 9:37, Luke 10:2).

He equally seeks to urge everyone that; we should always be the light and shine the light of Jesus Christ wherever we find ourselves.

Wherever we find ourselves is our ministry and whatever we do is your ministration.

The music that the Holy Spirit leads me to portray is an exhibition of a deep experience of and fellowship with Jesus Christ.

It is a complement to any divinely led ministration that is genuinely out to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” ~ Fuhnwi

To the unsigned/independent gospel artist, the release of his debut album “Testify” that began in an unbelievable way metamorphosed into a collection of 8 pieces to the glory of God;

and this is an achievement, only possible by God’s grace, he says. He has equally worked with some Gospel artists and producers in East Africa.

Fuhnwi’s views on Gospel music in Cameroon

Gospel music in Cameroon, by God’s grace, has grown tremendously especially these past few years. I salute the commitment of our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters who have been steadfast in projecting Jesus Christ through music.

I re-echo the genuine prayer in Ephesians 3:16-17 which says, “I pray that . . . he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being,

so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.” ~ Fuhnwi

One dimension which is emerging and which is to be encouraged is unity in the body of Christ amongst Gospel artists. This is yielding fruits such as collaborative projects to God’s glory. ~ Fuhnwi

One issue which we need to keep praying and working against is the spirit of (negative) competition instead of completion.

Gospel music should not fall into the traps of the flesh as it is primarily supposed to be spiritually oriented and propelled. ~ Fuhnwi

We should all be alert and beware of the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. ~ Fuhnwi

Another aspect that needs to be encouraged is financial, material, and spiritual support by churches, servants of God,

and the body of Christ to Gospel artists especially in the realization of their musical projects. ~ Fuhnwi

We need to see more support in nurturing, projecting, and positively using the talents God has endowed many brothers and sisters with.

We all need to persistently put in efforts to ensure the spiritual and aesthetic quality of Christian works of art, including Gospel music:

led by the Holy Spirit, enriching to the soul, pleasant to the ears, beautiful to the eyes, awesome to the spirit. ~ Fuhnwi

Fuhnwi’s Ongoing Project

He currently has an album “Testify” which is an 8-track album, released May 5th, 2021.

The Holy-Spirit-inspired album “Testify ” is a testimony of the infinite goodness of God, the immeasurable love of Jesus Christ.

The album “Testify” is a deep rendition of praise and worship to our God, Lord, Saviour, Promoter, Defender, Strength, Light.

It resounds the hope and new life of glory possible through Jesus Christ even amid the storms of life.

It stresses the victory we have on earth in and through Jesus Christ as we run the race of faith towards Heaven, our ultimate focus, destination, and crown.

“I have personally experienced and I keep on experiencing the unspeakable and indescribable love, grace, and mercy of God;

who gives me wondrous gifts including the miracle of salvation, the pearl of love, the gift of life, the privilege of favor, and the honor of divine grace.” ~ Fuhnwi

Fuhnwi’s Future Projects

His long-term projects include partnering with Gospel artists, producers, managers, labels, and servants of God in organizing more online,

and onsite events where Gospel artists can use their talents to propagate the Gospel of Christ.

It is fulfilling to know that Cameroonian gospel artist Fuhnwi is a Happily married man!

Click To Listen and download “Testify” now for free!

Have Any Word For Fuhnwi?

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You Were Reading: FEATURED: Fuhnwi Will Be One Of Your Most Admired Gospel Artists, Here Is Why!

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