Exclusive: Maureen Forbah Talk's Covid 19, Share's Inspiration Behind Trending Song 'Miracles Everywhere', & More – iJesusAfrica iJesusAfrica.com

Exclusive: Maureen Forbah Talk’s Covid 19, Share’s Inspiration Behind Trending Song ‘Miracles Everywhere’, & More

Greetings to our iJesusAfricans, we had an opportunity to have an exclusive interview with fast-growing and impactful Cameroonian Christian Artist Maureen Forbah of Ablaze Music. Maureen gave details about her background, shared the inspiration behind her latest and trending song Miracles Everywhere. She talked on COVID 19 and shared how her new song is a breath of fresh air for everyone who may be choking on bad news and disbelief. Read below and do well to drop a comment and follow Maureen Forbah!

Before we talk about ‘Miracles Everywhere’, What’s your background?

I was born into a family of five girls and I am the last of all five. Born to a Cameroonian dad and Nigerian mom; it’s safe to say I have a mixed heritage. My parents raised me with more spiritual principles than cultural. My mom being a pastor raised us up with a more kingdom oriented principled mindset than cultural.

Many people will ask me how this dual heritage affects my music and the answer is: I am yet to see how it particularly affects my sound. I tell most people I do spiritual music not cultural or religious music and this type of music transcends cultures and different styles of music; my latest song (as of the time of this interview), “MIRACLES EVERYWHERE” proves that.


The mixture of sound cannot be justified or categorized as a particular genre of music. My sound will always be different and will always be unusual because it is not particularly inspired by my heritage or some religion but by heaven and heaven is diverse in its delivery to me per time.

My family is very simple and we base more on the will of God for our lives and nothing more. So it’s safe to say my entire family is made of missionaries. I did most of my primary and secondary education in Cameroon and precisely in Bamenda. I graduated from high school at St Micheal’s Academy of Science and Arts Bamenda and then I went further to studying accounting at Stratford university in Canada, where I graduated with my accounting diploma.

What inspires your creative process, and what exactly inspired your newly released song ‘Miracles Everywhere’?

Usually, my experiences with or encounters and discoveries about God inspires most of my songs. I never really sit around and purpose in my heart to write a song. Songs usually come to me in the most unusual ways and places. That’s how I get my sound.

Miracles everywhere came to me like a jingle for the season I was in. I had found myself in a place where I was dissatisfied with my life as it was; so I was looking for more. My life seemed to have been stagnant and I just wanted it to move and for things to begin to happen.

So at that time, I came across different messages, articles and even people around me who encouraged me always by speaking positively into my life, and then I started speaking into my life even without seeing the results; I kept on speaking. One of the things I kept saying was “I see miracles everywhere” and one day while doing house chores, I started singing the chorus of miracles everywhere and I built the song from there.

Tell us about the production process; working with ‘Ablaze Music’ and the rest of the production team.

Phew! The process! It was never easy but it was a learning process. We had to work very hard to get that final sound. I remember the first day we rehearsed miracles everywhere together as a team, it didn’t sound right at all. I wondered if I wanted to release that song or not(well the entire music team did haha) and we had to start recording the very next day.

That day I was up all night trying to get the right sound and then it finally came to me and I immediately got to the bass guitarist and pianist(who were sleeping at the time. That was at about 4 AM) I woke them up and was like “hey this is the sound I finally got it” and then they got to the studio that morning and played it that way and it worked! Continue Reading After Watching Miracles Everywhere Below!

Recording was not easy either I remember I had to go back to the studio many times just to get an adlib right. And I recorded many takes before we finally got to the one that was picked. Not even mentioning how difficult it was to try to blend the Caribbean sound with the Afro sound, which was another battle and finding the right solo guitarist who would play the song to the feeling we wanted was not easy as well. We had to do the guitar and take it out again before we finally got the guitar we have today in the song.

Working with Ablaze Music, you need to be ready always; to put in more work till it gets to standard because we are all about spiritual music with very good standards. It’s not easy but they make it comfortable enough to achieve good results.

When do we expect a full album or EP?

By the end of this year. We are currently working on the next release which will be coming out not long from now!


How does this new song comment on the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic?

In a world where every news you hear is negative and creates panic and fear in the hearts of people, it may be hard to believe that anything good can come out of life at the moment. But Miracles everywhere encourages everyone to declare positivity in the atmosphere holding on to the belief that God is still working, he’s still on our case and he is working miracles for us even though we cannot see it now and, that everything is going to be just fine!

Miracles everywhere is a breath of fresh air for everyone who may be choking on bad news and disbelief. It encourages us to be positive and to speak thus because there is power in our words and so if everyone can declare it with one voice and faith then it will be so! The world needs our faith and positivity right now!

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