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Everything On The “2020 Dewordz CHH Bars Contest” – Cameroon Christian Hip-Hop Music

Cameroon’s leading platform for Christian Hip Hop, Dewordz.com recently launched a contest that is aimed at promoting Christian Hip Hop in Cameroon. Below are the full details about the contest!

Objective: To create an active and outstanding sphere for Cameroon CHH (Christian Hip-Hop) Music. Hence, Promoting the Christian culture of entertainment and diversifying the scope of entertainment in Cameroon and  Africa at large. Motivate! Inspire! Create!

About The Contest.

Do we realize just how much influence music itself really has on us, our society, our culture, and even our cultural identity? As Daniel Levitin says, ‘Whenever humans come together for any reason, music is there’.

2020 Dewordz CHH Bars Contest, is a medium geared towards influencing the rise of Christian Rappers and promoting the Christian culture of entertainment. Music is never stagnant and continues to change and transform in each time period.

The contest is a general call for young and vibrant artists who want to showcase how interesting and powerful their playful usage of words in creating music can be. “Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heartstrings. It acts as medicine.” – Macklemore

Besides being a contest, it is also a full flesh initiative to spotlight great talents from Cameroon-Africa to the world. The society today is in a huge quest for outstanding talented people who can build and curate the societal values of entertainment. Conservatively it is estimated that the broad industry of music contributes over US$ 160 billion to global GDP- around the size of the entire New Zealand economy.

The contest will be in several stages and in each stage, some artists will be eliminated and this rolls on till the final stage where the Winner gets the package.

Submission Terms:

(The Contest is opened to all artists both those debuting and the established ones. No denominational barriers!)

  • – Artists must be from Cameroon or having Cameroonian Origin.
  • – Send Artist’s Name.
  • – Send Demos (MP3 format) of at least 1minute pure rap bars and 2 minutes maximum.
  • – Lyrics should be void of the N-Word and any vulgar language.
  • – Send 2 Quality Image of the Artist.
  • – A brief bio of the artist.
  • – Artist’s social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) – At least one
  • – With 2 minute demos, the artist is free to add a hook if he wants (Must have at least 1minute of pure rap)
  • – All submissions sent to [email protected]
  • – All Submissions will be published on our Youtube channel and Facebook page.
  • – All the contest’s instrumentals will be produced by one of Cameroon’s best Music Producer Mamba Beatz



CHH Artists and Music Personalities Who Will Listen and Judge Your Demos.

  1. Limoblaze (Nigeria)
  2. William Pippins (USA)
  3. Mysta Legacy (Cameroon)
  4. Jullie Jay Kanz (Ghana)
  5. Erica Mason (USA)
  6. Sara Teibo (UK)
  7. AO Kingsley (Cameroon)
  8. And then the Dewordz team will publish results based on their judgments.

Winner’s Package

  • – A cash price of $200
  • – A complete profile of the artist will be published on our blog and other blogs both local and international.
  • – Artist will be published and promoted on major mainstream blogs/platform, which some includes;
  1. Dewordz.com(Cameroon),
  2. iJesusAfrica.com(Cameroon)
  3. Hello-gh.com(Ghana)
  4. Jmartinspromo.com(Cameroon)
  5. African Releases(Ghana)
  6. Transgenerational Forces (Cameroon)
  7. Mboa Promotes (Cameroon)
  8. Gospelregister.com(Cameroon
  9. Cifecped.com(Cameroon)
  10. Pureriches.org(Cameroon)
  • – And many others to be listed soon.
  • – Feature on Radio Interviews:
  • – TRT Radio (South Carolina -USA)
  • – 70X7 Music (UK)
  • – Artists will feature on the 2 Cameroon’s Major CHH (Christian Hip-Hop) blogs; Dewordz Spotlight Space for a Month and iJesusAfrica Artist of Focus for a Week.
  • – A Collab with any of the artists below;
  • – Sara Teibo (UK)
  • – William Pippins (USA)
  • – The choice depends on the winner.
  • -Collab promoted and sponsored by all the above-listed blogs/platforms above.
  • – For collab, the artist will work with the winner.

Please send all further inquiries to [email protected]

(Please Find the attached official Contest’s Cover Below)

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