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Entrepreneurial Icon of The Year: What This Means for ”Tabi Ivy”- Founder of Afriq Plus Western Business Consulting Firm

Today, we explore award-winning entrepreneur Tabi Ivy; winner of TGF Impact Awards 2020-2021, and how he uses this achievement in building a successful career.


Tabi Ivy is a Cameroon based young and fast-growing entrepreneur and business consultant. He is the founder of Afriq Plus Western Business Consulting Firm (Afriq West consults).

His thoughts and leading ideas on the entrepreneurial mindset, youth empowerment, and sustainability aim at creating the world’s largest network of young leaders and accelerators to develop entrepreneurial solutions that can address the greatest business threats facing our planet.



TGF Impact Awards is a prestigious annual award created to identify and promote the world’s most revolutionary entrepreneurs starting from Africa. The award seeks to honor entrepreneurs who have been known for the positive social impact of their business ventures and how they are inspiring others with their leadership; such awards come in to identify those who are immensely promoting the growth and development of our great nation in their sphere of influence, Among them is Cameroonian business consultant Tabi Ivy.

Tabi Ivy‘s background as an entrepreneur is something worth discovering, as his innovating ideas surround the actual and ever-changing nature of things today. In an interview, he said, “it is not about doing the right thing, it is about doing the right thing the right way“.

Entrepreneurship is redefined by Tabi Ivy as the art of connecting things, people, and ideas, to create a system of financial sustainability which embraces time, health and money as the basis for financial sustainability, scaled rapidly without compromising on the core mission of the entrepreneur. Jean Liu, president of Didi Chuxing once said “growing innovative ideas into a successful business is a great challenge.

tabi consult

tabi consult

It’s inspiring to see how talented entrepreneurs are finding ways to break the mold and impact the world around us with creativity and a renewed commitment to society’s common causes.” Tabi Ivy has made significant achievements as an entrepreneur on the scale of increasing business performances irrespective of size and his works keep creating individual business impacts. To Tabi Ivy, the support from his mentors, clients, friends, and society is what keeps him moving.

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    Bessem Ako Sandra
    August 14, 2021 5:14 pm

    Tabi Ivy has been a good friend and coursemate at the University of Buea when we studied for our B.sc In Accounting .He deserves the award because of he is indeed outstanding.Congratulations dear🤝🤝🤝

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